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ኢዜማ is an extension of አብን in Oromia under national identity disguise!

By Aba Orma, PhD, May 12, 2019

“Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice” is nothing more than Naafxagnas plot for extortion and appropriation of Oromia under the disguise of national identity.  It is established to destroy Oromia and Oromummaa!

Don’t be fooled by the fake protest against Dr. Berhanu Nega and his party by አብን that committed genocide against unarmed innocent Gumuz people, the not so new naafxanga party is an extension of አብን in Oromia. It has been in the works for some time with full support of OPDOs. Look no further than the flag they adopted and the revised (newly adopted) Oromo history by OPDO cadres.

“Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice” is nothing more than Naafxagnas plot for extortion and appropriation of Oromia under the cover of social justice.

The Oromo people deserve and must demand to have people and organization that fully stand for their interest. With OPDO/ODP, the Oromo people do not have that because historically OPDO adopted rather forced upon them by the TPLF an open door policy to all people and many in the Organization are NOT even OROMO. OPDO is filled with Afaan Oromo speaking naafxagna. Still that is the case. Go and ask around Oromia state government offices and check some of the people in key positions of decision! Even the Oromo-OPDO’s do not get the opportunity to grow in Oromia government offices for the same reason that G/Tadese Biru was told not to promote Oromo fighters beyond lower ranks. That is the reality the Oromo people are facing today. That is one reason why Oromo political organizations could not form a united front and instead fight each other. The rank and file Oromo-OPDO feel the pain and sufferings of their people but they cannot do anything about it because their hands are tied behind their backs by the naafxagna-OPDO. There are many evidences for this.  They may have good intention in good times but when push comes to shove naafxangaa-OPDO’s are more likely to work with ኢዜማ and አብን as the saying blood is thicker than water goes. Some of the Oromo-OPDO’s are so corrupted and committed heinous crimes against the Oromo people that they are doing everything they can to hide from accountability under the hood of power. They are collaborating with naafxagna-OPDO from inside them and the naafxagna outside to accomplish that. On top of that they added corrupt and people with moral deficit to their bench to help them disguise their past and deceive and confuse the Oromo people. Of course there are few at the top as well as a lot in the rank and file trying to do their best for the Oromo people. They need the protection, push and encouragement to stand with their country not corrupt party!

In conclusion, OPDO cannot protect the interest of the Oromo people because of past history and the simple reason that the current OPDO/ODP is made up of Oromo-OPDO, Nafxangaa-OPDO and the rest with one leg in both camps. Forces that pull in opposite directions!

I believe that OPDO/ODP has run its course and expired long ago. What is left in it is the Naafxagna wing pushing to hold onto power with the help of ኢዜማ and አብን.  This OPDO is not doing Oromo people’s business. Now, the Oromo people from all corners must unite behind one or two able and genuinely independent Oromo political organization(s), if possible push them to unite and strengthen them. Honestly, I do not see any alternative to the OLF (ABO) and OFC at this moment!

Horaa Bulaa!

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