By | December 19, 2018

Addiction Relapse: The EPRDF defense force has declared war on Oromo and the OLF

With a short brief issued earlier this morning, the EPRDF defense force has brazenly declared war on OLF and its supporters. One may wonder why. The analogy of addiction relapse may help to explain it better.

Addiction changes the way the brain thinks; Addicts do not have control over their impulses. Even when they want to quit, they have difficulty doing it. Their brain tells them to keep doing it – one more time won’t hurt.

Entering into a life of addiction recovery means rewiring the brain back to a state of control over impulses; learning to say “no” instead of “one more time.” Sustaining the recovery from addiction requires staying away from people, places, and things that create feelings of want or desire for the drug.

The EPRDF is the same party that terrorized our people for the last 27 years. Ethiopia doesn’t have a national army. What it has is an army that is affiliated with those in power, not the people. The prime minister and the president of Oromia regional state are life long members of the EPRDF.

Showing signs of recovery from addiction to terrorizing our people and holding onto power at all costs, the PM and his crew embarked on a peace making effort that surprised the world. Everyone cheered for them.They lured opposition parties, including the OLF, back to the country. However, they are being served by the same people, are staying at the same place, and doing things that create the feeling of want or desire for what they know. Thus, we should not be surprised at the relapse of their addiction. Recovery requires staying away from people, places, and things that create the desire for doing what they have been doing over the last 27 years.

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