By | March 31, 2018

A young reformer or an entrenched military man? Ethiopia’s new leader is the first from the Oromo ethnic group that has been at the forefront of anti-government protests.

3 thoughts on “Can Ethiopia’s new leader bridge ethnic divides? | Inside Story

  1. somale

    This Abey is not even real Oromo man, in my research. what is that some times he is from amara half oromo, again half oromo half gurage?

    And his religion is not clear, never ever an honor oromo person changes his/her religion, abiy is dirty trash unknown person, which his religion is demands on his Boss.

    This Cuckoo fooling Oromo people, he has nothing to do with Oromo.

  2. somale

    What also i have learned, all most OPDO are Cuckoo people, not 100% oromos, they are half habesha cuckoo evils or even pure habesha.

    they are the ones who cause conflict between brotherly people of oromo and somalis.

  3. Alisomali

    We will find out soon if Abey is Oromian ..
    As an Oromia insider who knows what Oromia nation got through last 100 years on hands of apartheid Abyssinian settelers….he will no doubt join Qeerroo liberation movement…otherwise he is fake and be treated even worse than wayane looters.


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