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Turks start a thorough investigation into the “bomb” caught openly on Crete – What they are asking for in Greece

The ship had left the port of Mersin

January 13, 2018  (Translated from Greek)

Greece (NewPost) — The case of the ship, which carried huge quantities of explosives and was caught open to Crete, is being investigated by Turkish officials, according to the newspaper Irriyet .

The ship, which had left Mersin’s port in Turkey , was normally allowed to transport goods to Ethiopia and not to Libya, the Turkish Embassy in Tripoli said, while the Turkish Diplomats’ announcement indicates that Ankara is compliant with United Nations resolutions Nations.

“Turkish officials have launched an investigation into the case of the Andromeda cargo ship flying the Tanzania flag, seized by the Greek Port Authority on January 7, 2018, while transporting materials used to build explosives from the ports of Mersina and Iskenderom,” the announcement of the embassy.

In relation to the ship’s cargo, the embassy notes that the license was issued under the Turkish law to export such materials to Ethiopia and notes that, as the preliminary investigation has shown, everything has been done according to the pre-determined procedure. He also points out that the materials that left Turkey were not destined for Libya.

The investigation is very detailed, says the Embassy and asks the Greek authorities to send urgently to the Turkish authorities the documents of the ship they have in their hands as well as the crew statements and all other additional documents and information “.

The Embassy notes that it is in close contact with the Libyan Foreign Ministry, adding that the information already gathered and gathered for the incident will be communicated to both Libya and the UN.

” Turkey complies with the arms embargo in Libya and is working closely with the UN on the issue,” the embassy notes in its statement.

Confiscation of a foreign flag with an explosive material at the port of Heraklion, Crete

Egypt Blocked a Turkish Ship Carrying 410 Tons of Bomb Making Materials Destined to TPLF from Crossing the Suez Canal

Administrator of the company ship with explosives at Newpost: Legal the cargo

January 10, 2018

“We owe money to Turkish companies, we will file extravagant against the Port”

Greece (NewPost) — For the scandal, the owner of the Coasters Maritime ship owner, Theodoros Rallos , refers to the extent given to the case with the Tanzania Andromeda flag cargo ship , which remains in the port of Heraklion after the scrutiny it was subjected to.

The ship was found to carry 410 tons of explosives, which, as he mentions in Newpost, carries a number of dangers for the city of Heraklion where it is tied up in recent days.

“The issue is purely economic and, unfortunately, instead of having the support of the Greek authorities, they take a stand in favor of Turkey.The ship loaded at the port of Iskenderun on November 18, a total of 11 trucks trailer gas carriers and on November 23 in Mersin 29 containers explosives to four recipients in Ethiopia, “ says Mr. Rellos and notes that the ship is still unpaid since the two Turkish companies with of which cooperates not have paid the recipient over how the services so as to cross the Suez canal and deliver the load.

Mr Rellos says that throughout this period he has repeatedly called on the two Turkish companies Orica and ELG to repay the $ 440,000 they owed but they did not seem willing to do so.

“The Turks, in order to save the $ 440,000 payment, sent their own people to the Greek authorities , making us illegal so that the cargo could be transported by another ship and escaped from their debts, “ says the owner of the shipowner and at the same time complains that to date it has received no information either from the Coast Guard or from the Maritime Ministry on the development of the case.

“The case is quite dark and I stayed so far has not informed me about the course of control. All they knew to do was send me a mail to send them my ID number to send the fine. In which other country have you seen all this happening? “ Said Mr. Rellos, asking who now has responsibility for what’s happening on board , as all crew has been removed and arrested.

“We are aware of all that the Port of Thessaloniki is aware of”, emphasizes Mr. Rellos underlining that his company follows the legal route in all the tasks he undertakes “all are certified, the transfers we make are entirely legal and there is evidence for all this which I mention to you. Our company cooperates with ministries of defense, mines, how can we act under the lawless regime “ stresses the manager of the shipping company, conveying to that now the whole thing will take the legal route as Thursday will be extrajudicial at the Port in Heraklion . “We are acting legally to protect the company’s rights and make a cargo retention” he added.

Asked about the lack of maps to ship Mr. Rellos replied: ” They have ordered their will beyond Suez, after the port of Iskenderun that we started there was no agency to equip them.”

As for the 102 remarks / shortcomings identified regarding the airworthiness of himself he stated “I do not know what exactly detected after time until I’m in the dark about what is happening in the last days toship . Certification of the ship provides for equipment that exists and for this reason both the ship and the company are certified “.

Meanwhile, Mr Rellos is pointing at the Maritime Ministry , saying “crash”, as he says, “we are in the largest naval country in the world, and the administration in the ministry has no such affair.”

At the same time, the shipowner’s owner appeals to the Authorities to contact him as the case on his own has no bold points and a solution can be found jointly.

He noted, however, that the attitude of the Greek authorities towards his company shows a clear zeal to give the cargo to the Turkish charterers . “The issue is also that our slavery is left behind while an entire crew is being held unfairly. It is advisable to let us know why the ship is at the moment “naked” as a time bomb “.

Newpost presents the papers with which Mr Rellos argues that the procedure followed for carrying the cargo is entirely legal.

The timeline of the ANDROMEDA case

The case began to take place in Crete on Epiphany Day when, after using information from the Coast Guard Headquarters – Greek Coast Guard, it was detected by a lifeguard boat of the LS. – EL.AKT ., The M / V ship “ANDROMEDA” flag Tanzania, sailing in the sea area of Agios Nikolaos, Crete, to control ship and cargo of men Platform Special Operations of OS – EL.AKT. and the Customs Office of Crete.

Two days later it was considered necessary to thoroughly control the load . He was ordered to visit the port of Heraklion, Crete , accompanied by a patrol boat LS. – EL.AKT.

After the entire cargo was unloaded, a check was carried out confirming the contents of the 29 containers with explosives and detonators crossed with the manifests and accompanying documents of the cargo . Similarly, it was confirmed that the 11 LPG tanks were empty cargo.

At the same time, on 9-1-2018, an inspection was carried out on board by the Local Ship Inspectorate of Heraklion and a total of 102 serious observations / omissions were found regarding its airworthiness, thus endangering the safety of the ship, the crew and the cargo.

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