By | June 21, 2018

Oromo* Abbaa Gadaa *leader arrived in Bergen airport 06.20.2018

Gumiin Waaqeffannaa Addunyaa (GWA) waggaa 10ffaa itti hundeeffame Norway, Bergen keessatti kabajuuf jira.

GWA waggoota kurnan darban (2008-2018) keessatti hojii aadaa fi amantii Oromoo guddisu, beeksisuu fi babal’isu hojjachaa jira.

Ayyaanni kun Waxabajii 22-24 bara 2018 kabajamu irratti argamufu amumaa akka saganteeffattan GWAn kabajaan isin afeera.

Waaqeffannaa religious and philosophical world views consider the organisation of spiritual, physical and human worlds view as interconnected phenomena, and how the Creator (Uumaa or Waaqa), regulates their existence and functions in balanced way.

Why is it Norway this year?
Norway is a home of many Oromo refugees who arrived through settlements. Most of these refugees are young and have direct or indirect involvement in the Oromo struggle. They still carry recent memories of their fallen friends back home.

Among these youth, Norway hosts many Oromo artists next to Oromia, the homeland, including Hirpa Ganfuree, Elfinesh Qannoo and her daughters, Umar Suleiman, Angatuu Balchaa, Muktar Usman, Biqila Guyota, Hailu Kitaba and many more.

These young generation is determined to rekindle Oromo culture and others. Part of the culture is Waaqqeffanna (Oromo religion which was/is band under successive regimes in Ethiopia including the TPLF). Thanks to Oromo youth movement (Qeerroo) who sacrificed lives in thousands, if not a million, the Oromo culture is back on track. This conference is definitely part of the Oromo youth movement to revive Oromummaa.

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