Haile Mariam Desalegne, a pathological Liar

Haile Mariam Desalegne, a pathological Liar

By Worku Gadissa, March 7, 2018

This article will discuss big lies of PM Haile Mariam Desalegne from his speeches, particularly in issues with the Oromo people. During his rule Oromos are facing extreme death, imprisonment, land robbing, displacement and extreme sufferings in all aspects of life.

I am trying to write samples and truthful character of Haile Mariam Desalegne.

Lying becomes the norm of Haile Mariam and his government. In fact the whole government structure from top to bottom is full of lies and deceptions.

What is pathological liar?

A quick answer is: – A pathologyical liar is a person who compulsively lies for personal gains and does not feel guilty or remorse when hurting other people. A pathological liar has a personality disorder in which there is an absence of conscience and sense of right or wrong.

There are great distinction between him and his predecessor, Meles Zenawe. Meles was evil genius and strong leader while Desalegne is dull and weak leader. But they have one thing in common, both fear and hate Oromos. Most of his lies and accusations are particularly against the Oromo people.

Here are sampling many of his anti-Oromo lies and rhetorics:-

Narrow Mind Nationalism

In most of his hate propaganda speeches and interviews, he accuses and criminalizes Oromos of being “xebab and gosengnet” [narrow and tribalist]. The common slogan, “xebab and gosegna” are deliberately attributed to the Oromos.  The truth of the matter is that Oromos are the victims of racial prejudges and discriminations. Those words become a convenient lies and rationalization for racial bias against Oromo people.

On Oromo Uprising

After Oromo Uprising, Haile Mariam Desalegne, issued a strong warning against Oromos, saying “yemayadagem rmija enwosdalen” meaning tougher actions will be taken to crush the revolution.

Oromo uprising

After issuing the warning a wave of protests and anger spread throughout the whole of the country. Thousands, students, Qeerros and innocent people were accused of simply being Oromos, killed, disappeared and imprisoned.

Haile Mariam, as PM is openly anti-Oromo and has unleashed an assault on Oromo and has been the root cause of division and so much trouble in the country.

The consequence of lies and false propaganda by Desalegne and TPLF though well hidden, will unavoidably bring failure tomorrow, as saying goes “whatever a man sows, that he will also reap”

‘No Political Prisoners’

The most shameful lie of PM was that when he was asked by a foreign reporter he denied saying that “there are no political prisoners in the country”.

A helicopter was hovering and shooting teargas to the crowd. It basically drove the Irreecha celebrators to the ditch while military forces were shooting live bullet to the crowd

All TPLF official from Menelik Palace to Kebele are expert liars and they never tell truth at any level.  Everything they tell are false and exaggerated

How can someone with right mind and moral say that, there are no political prisoners in Ethiopia? Haile Mariam carried over most of Melese legacy. Meles also said that there were no political prisoners, but he was strong and malicious. In many ways Haile Mariam is following the pattern of his predecessor. However, he has no action in decision making processes, command and control of the government. In his lies and weaknesses he did not help TPLF, he weaken and brought them into crises.

The Awasa Speech

Addressing the Southern People’s 25th Anniversary celebration in Awassa, he was boasting of national unity and two digit economic growth. How can one boast, in a country where an average daily living expense is less than two dollars and every year three million people are fed by food donations aids from US.?

He continued telling the unity, peace and democracy under EPRDF while there are ethnic conflicts everywhere in the country.

The Somali Liyu Police, trained, armed and facilitated by TPLF army generals, invaded Eastern Oromia regions, killing at least 5000 people, displacing one million, burning down villages, taking cattle and raping women was not mentioned in his speech at all. The Liyu Police and the Agazi terror forces are liberators and Oromos are enemies. Lies and denial crude facts divide people and destroy national unity.

He is not only liar, but absolutely weak, ignorant and wicked Prime Minister.

Bishoftu Irrecha Massacre

This session 1-6, focus on Bishoftu Massacre where 700 innocent people killed by agent of death, the Agazi force.

  1. Stamped into Gedel

As one of his lies scam, Desalegne said that the crowd stamped into “gedel”, the Amharic word synonymous to gorge or cliff. In actual fact the crowed stamped into a ditch. Gedel/gorge/ cliff is made by natural phenomenon, while ditch is manmade usually for irrigation or other uses. This particular ditch was formed during Italian occupation to irrigate the vast fertile land behind Lake Horaa.  As I completed high school in Bishoftu I am familiar with Horaa area. Approximate diminutions of the ditch are: width, depth and length [3x4x250] meters. As thorny bushes/shrubs grown up inside the ditch it is not easily visible to passersby.

The conspiracy theory suggest that one side was blocked by armored vehicles purposely, in order, to hide the ditch. Therefore, everything was tactically pre-planned by Agazi death squad.

One year after the incident it was reported that the ditch was filled up, concreted and flatten by government.

Haile Mariam, when he said that people stamped into gedel he was trying to mislead people of accidental death and never been killed by special Agazi death squad.

‘No body died of bullet wounds’

Haile Mariam who is a phony and fraud character never tell truth at any level. At the Irrecha Massacre he said that “no one died of bullet wounds”. His main point is that all the victims were died by stamped into gedel. In simple terms, he was trying to cover up and denying those killed by live bullet wounds. The truth of the matter is that people were killed by TPLF special killing Agazi forces as well as by jumping and falling into the ditch.

What matters most is and what cannot be disputed is that TPLF has always extreme agenda to kill as many people as possible at Irrecha Celebration and as elsewhere.

  1. Only 54 people died

Here is another big lie of PM Desalegne. He is unashamed to tell lies. He lied putting the number of people died to 54 only while the actual figure is close to 700 people killed at the incident.

Sometimes he chose to lie due to ignorance and self-deceptions, but sometimes he hides behind TPLF instructions to avoid criminal act and charge against them. The PM and his government are not only liars, but responsible for ethnic genocidal act

  1. Eritrea and Egypt Involvement

Often Ethiopian leaders when threatened by internal problems, they often accuse foreign interventions, in order to divert attentions of their citizens.

Haile Mariam, for his false propagandas, used as scapegoats and blamed Eritrea and Egypt for the cause of Oromo uprising

  1. Three days of national mourning

After murdering 700 innocent people, PM declared a three-day of national mourning, during those three days 37 more people killed in Arsi and Gujii regions.

The irony of the irony was that it was a false mourning. He did not express condolences to the victim families. It was just like shading crocodile tears.

It is interesting how often Haile Mariam and his government use passive voice to refer to their criminal genocide act and they go on about their old evil administrative work with new killing.

Mekakelawi High Security Prison

The Mekakelawi, high security, torture prison is located in the center of Sheger and was originally built by Italy during the occupation for residence houses.

During Haile Silase era, it was used as 3rd Police Station.

During Derg rule it become central prison and renamed as “Mekakelawi” for the detention and torture of political prisoners.

The TPLF torture regime have continued using Mekakelawi for the interrogation and torture center for political prisoners of whom 90% are Oromos.

On January 3, 2018 PM Haile Mariam said that they are going to release political prisoners and close down Mekakelawi for good.

He also added that a new prison will be built in another location and Mekakelawi is going to be converted to a museum.

While he mentioned closing down Mekakelawi and converting it into a museum, he forgot to mention that Menelik Palace, the seat of Ethiopian rulers also be closed and turned into Museum. It is interesting that all Ethiopian ruler sits or resides in the palace turns bad and tyrants. Menerlik palace is a nice place to live, but those who sits on gold throne gradually become tyrant and corrupt.

Although, he admitted Mekakelawi being used as political prison, he never admitted that his government used Mekakelawi as torture crime center. Instead he was telling that torture practices was widely carried out during Derg rule.

Haile Mariam was trying to cover up and white wash the genocide crime being used by his government. What matters the most and what cannot be disputed is, TPLF has resorted to inhuman torture crime forbidden by UN Conventions.

Haile Mariam manifest three basic traits. He is pathological liar. He is paranoiac afraid to say what is right and good for the country. Moreover, he has narcissistic behavior of blaming and denying others.


There are hundreds of prisons and concentration camps all over Oromia. Furthermore, there are lots of hidden jails in cities and small towns. Torture practices are widely carried and practiced in most of these prisons. Many of those released from prisons have shared their shocking stories of torture practices used in Mekakelawi as well as other prisons. According ex-convicts, a cruel unusual punishment causing death and physical injuries have been practiced in those prisons.


Here are types of extreme tortures and interrogations practiced in Mekakelawi Prison-:

Keeping in dark rooms for prolonged period of times [days/ months] Hanging down with hands and legs tied to horizontal bar
Stay in a urine flooded toilet room
Keeping in a cold room.
Sleep deprivation
Subjected to electrical shock
Hanging weight on genitals
Keeping under cold dripping water.
There is an act of untold cruelty and real destruction of human life in those prisons.

But as you will all know TPLF including Haile Mariam Desalegne are accountable for death of 10,000 Oromos and we have to make sure that legal action taken for their crime of genocidal act.

TPLF Leaders

Let me add that lying is a disease and becoming national epidemic in government and society, as a whole.  If you look at the general characteristic of TPLF killers, lying has become the norm in the government.

They never tell truth at any level. Always denying facts and spinning truth.
They are proud of their crimes, pleased in their cruelty and wicked acts.
They love war instead of peace.

Any aspects of politics that lies and violets truth is doomed to failure, that it is what we are witnessing by Haile Mariam downfall and resignation. TPLF terror regime may stand for a season, but eventually will collapse.

Horaa bulaa! Worku Gadissa

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  1. HMD is not a liar. He does not just have his own brain even to lie. He was parrotting what his masters used to whisper to him. He is just dumb and evil.

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