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Qeerroo, envisioned or is it by accident?

By Habte Dafa

The struggle for the independence of Oromia started back from the invasion of the sovereign Nation of Oromia by the Black imperial minded colonialists in the late 1900 century.  One can wonder how come the Black people of Africa can be the Black imperial minded colonialists?  This is a good question, and we will come back to it. But first let us digest what really happened in Oromia lately during the Minilik’s perpetuated wars for annexations of the innocent people to conquer Oromia to be part of the Abyssinian colony. It is historically documented – it was war of alien invasions invasion of Oromian vicinities, it was war of subjugations, it was war of dehumanization, it was war of self-proclaimed righteousness for the invading army of the Abyssinians, and it was inhuman cruel, brutal and vicious war which reduced the entire citizens of Oromia by astonishing standard and number of its populations.  I do not understand our free-floating amnesia and obliviousness today when it comes to the question of re-erection the democratic Republic of Oromia!!! Remember the children and all inheritances of the free Oromia spirit were never conquered, and will never surrender to before, and will never in future. So, you better get used to it!!!!  The colonial conquest of Oromia is not a farfetched her/his say.  It was a documented to be passed on.

So many research oriented scholars including the Author of the Oromo studies Association Mohammad Hussen describes it as follows: “First, until the 180s and 1840s, the Amhara peasant-soldiers of the kingdom of Shawa did not successfully penetrate Oromia. This situation began to change during the second half of the nineteenth century as the result of the steady flow of European guns, and artillery and ammunition into Abyssinia, particularly into Shaw. The virtual absence of European weapons from Oromia altered fundamentally the balance of power between Abyssinia and Oromia. The power of European weapons not only destroyed the once-mighty Oromo cavalry, but also heightened the Abyssinian princes’ ambition of conquest and permanent occupation of Oromia. Thus, began the battle for colonization of Oromia. Never in the history of the Horn of Africa did so many changes occur and with such speed as they did between 1875 and 1896. The pace of this drama was truly astonishing for it was in 1875 that Menilek, the Amhara king of Shawa(1865-1 889) and later the Emperor of Ethiopia (1 889-191

3, started creating a new army trained by Europeans and provided with European weapons of destruction (Lytton 1966: 160). Although the Oromo put up heroic resistance, Menilek one after the other defeated them because they utterly lacked firearms. Menilek was even able to defeat the Italians at the battle of Adwa in 1896.”

It is true that today, just like any time in history, there are both political and social issues that we need to be appropriately weighing, balancing, or deliberating before endorsing any social contract of coexistences and cohabitations with the rest of Abyssinia under the same flag. So before jumping to that Abyssinian mantra and hallucinatory claims, it is not fair to open our eyes and try to visualize the honest and accurate sources of all the miseries in Colonial Ethiopia in contrast and in discriminating to the counter reaction of the nation of Oromia? This brings me to the Qeerroo/Qubee generation issues head on. Yes, those citizens of Oromia who happen to believe in a fundamental Orommumm, did fought the Abyssinian colonization starting from the initial settler’s occupations of Oromia.  I can recall all the heroic resistances of the Oromo people from Rayyaa to Celenqoo and Borenaa, from Begii to Shagar, Diree Dawaa and Harar and all over the entire Nation of Oromia. We were over powered and defeated with the help of the European firearms that was supplied to our neighbors – the colonial Abyssinians. But the Nation of Oromia was never finished yet.  Our elders passed on the true history of the Abyssinian double dealing with the colonial Europe of the 19th century, including our own defeatists who assisted the invading armies of Abyssinia to overwhelm the Oromo armies of resistances.

History is the best teacher, and those Oromo of my generation who wanted to learn did learn not only by choices, but through observing all the Abyssinian dominations in all aspects of life, political maneuvers, power manipulations, and backdoor dealings. Then, these Oromo fundamentals took upon themselves the reclaiming of Orommumma by endorsing the development and flourishing and blossoming of Qubee of Afan Oromoo. Conseqquently, came the Qeerroo/Qubee generation. The Qubee generation/Qeerroo Bilisumma have successfully changed the political scenario and took the fight back to the Abyssinians. These young Oromo combatants are non-Abyssinian culture adulterated Oromoo citizens, contrary to their parents, but the authentic pure and true Oromos to their bones who are thinking, talking, and conceptualizing their Nation’s practical colonial subjugation as genuine Oromo citizens, which they are, and will stop nowhere till the Democratic Republic of Oromia is proclaimed.  Therefore, the Abyssinian claim that they are going to defeat Qeeroo/Qubee generation is a typical Abyssinian hallucination.

Oromia shall be free!!!!!



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