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Time is up! TPLF fascists

By Olaanaa Saboonaa, March 8, 2018

  • Their government has never had any legitimacy among all Ethiopians for the last 27 years of its existence.
  • They came out of their Tigray with vengeance against the rest of Ethiopians to impose a Tigrean hegemony which is tantamount to a foreign colonial rule.
  • The Tigryan fascist took time to study all the tactics of the Nazis, apartheid rule and colonialists to rule over the noble Ethiopian people.
  • From the very inception, they implemented the principle of divide and rule against the Ethiopian people.
  • They primarily targeted the majority nations of Oromo and Amhara who they believed are their fierce competitors.
  • Using their puppet organizations, they set out to implement genocide against the Oromo, Amhara and other peoples of Ethiopia.
  • From the very inception, they began eliminating the future of nations and nationalities of Ethiopia by murdering the youth, students and intellectuals, prominent business people, farmers and workers.
  • They displaced Oromo farmers, Amhara farmers, Sidama farmers, Benishangul farmers, Afar land owners, Gurage traders etc from their ancestral land and planted Tigryans by dreaming to form Tigryan enclaves all over Ethiopia.
  • They have been murdering, torturing, and displacing hundreds of thousands of Oromos and Ethiopians for the last 27 years.
  • Their serious death spiral began when they dared to implement the Addis Master plan dubbed as ‘the master killer’. The indisputably heroic Qeerroo movement put a stop to this dream of land grab. Despite the death and destruction, they brought upon the heroic and gallant Oromo people, the struggle to get rid of these invaders relentlessly continued.
  • After murdering about 800 people in one day during the peaceful Irreecha of 2016, they declared their firs state of emergency for 6 months and extended it by 4 months.
  • This state of emergency never stopped the struggle of the Oromo people. The Oromo people showed that they are a force to be reckoned with not only to these stupid beasts but to the whole world. Kids gave their precious lives for freedom with bare hands standing in front of machine guns and tanks. TPLF knew from the beginning that this day would come. That is why they worked hard for the last 27 years to disarm the Oromo. There were times when Oromo was prevented from even carrying its traditional stick or dulla. The only thing left was to disallow mothers not to use knives in the kitchen.
  • The very matured Qeeroo movement grew to encourage other Ethiopians to join this struggle
  • The Oromo shared the sorrow created by the injustice and genocide committed against the Wolqait of Gondar and Amhara people in general. The friendly relationship that began to blossom between the Oromo and Amhara people sent shock waves to the TPLF and its supporters. The Oromo Qeerroos as wise as they are, kept preaching that the struggle of the Oromo is not directed against any particular people or nation but against the colonialists and fascists that came to take over our land. Qeerroo has kept calling for solidarity among all the oppressed people of Ethiopia.
  • As things got worse for these minority colonizers, they were forced to free few political prisoners while still holding thousands of our brothers and sisters hostage.
  • Because they saw the writing on the wall that the end was coming, they decided to salvage their rule by declaring another state of emergency. Remember that there was no state of emergency declared when they ordered the Liyu police of the Somali region to massacre our people and displace close to a million Oromos.
  • This second state of emergency was declared on the heels of some significant events: solidarity of the Oromo and Amhara as well as other people was growing, they had foreign currency crunch and reached a stage where they could not even pay for some of their projects and could not pay interest on the debt they took on behalf of Ethiopians, they were short of money to sustain the defense force, and the peace and guarantee for the TPLF members to roam and expropriate land and property was under threat. This is the time of existential threat to them.
  • Following this, they prepared dramas of the puppet prime minister’s resignation and declared the second state of emergency to continue their colonial rule. They declared this so that their army can roam around wherever it wants to rape, pillage and plunder the Oromo and the rest of the Ethiopian people except Tigray.
  • The Agazi is already at work on a killing spree committing genocide on the Oromo people.
  • It is known that one of the main pillars of TPLF’s existence is the army, police and its security. One of the reasons for declaring the state of emergency is to allow this force to pillage and plunder the people instead of turning against its rulers during time of cash crunch. Their Agazi, police and security have been given the absolute power to take whatever the poor people of Ethiopia have.
  • Despite failing to get the approval of 2/3 of the parliamentarians to pass the state of emergency as per the country’s constitution, this fascist showed us a failed TV drama of stealing votes. However, this is not new to the people of Ethiopia. TPLF has been doing this since they came to the palace aided by their foreign supporters, puppets and stooges.

The question now is what needs to be done?

  • I applaud the wise and heroic Oromo Qeerroo for calling a nationwide labor strike and economic embargo against the fascists and invaders.
  • I encourage Qeerroo to continue building its solidarity not only with Amhara people but with all the oppressed people of Ethiopia. Qeerroo, by its blood and life has proven that it is the vanguard of the struggle to liberate not only Oromia but also the whole of Ethiopia from these worthless beasts that have no value for human life.
  • All labor strikes and economic embargoes should be nationwide and should never be restricted to Oromia.
  • All encompassing struggle against these inhumane invaders including the right to self defense should be implemented nationwide all over Ethiopia. Qeerroo, in solidarity with its brothers and sisters of other oppressed nations and nationalities should work on organizing this nationwide struggle. There is absolutely no reason from now onwards to restrict the struggle to only Oromia and subject the Oromo people alone to genocide. Solidarity with other peoples of Ethiopia will help reduce the sacrifice that the Oromo people pay alone as well as will help to bring freedom to all the people of Ethiopia.
  • We have been saying for a long time that these fascists are cowards that kill unarmed children and youth; take away their guns and you will see them kneeling down for mercy. When it comes to the struggle of the Oromo people, it is well known that they have blocked all means and routes of support from anywhere to ensure that the Oromo are not armed since they very well know that the Oromo, if armed, will chase them away in just few days. We have for a long time proposed a paradigm shift when it comes to arming our people. That paradigm shift is to take away the guns from their army and turn them against the fascist invaders.
  • Invade their garrisons, depots, police stations and take away guns from their Agazi army and arm the people to fight for their God given human rights and self defense.
  • Wage night raids and guerilla warfare just like our forefathers did against the Italian fascists.
  • Cutting all the logistics supplies to Agazi killers, starving them and forcing them to surrender is one tactic to be used.
  • The time to die by demonstrating with bare hands should end. The killers and their supporters should not live with impunity. Not avenging for a brother’s, sister’s, father’s and mother’s death should not be acceptable any more.
  • These idiots appeared to be lions because we sat and looked them up. The so called peaceful struggle that promotes passivity in the face of genocide should not be allowed. TPLF only understands the language of power and the Ethiopians can give it to them in a well coordinated way.
  • The struggle should continue on all fronts:
    • Diaspora should continue the campaign of not sending remittance that could benefit these fascists
    • Diplomatic campaigns directed at starving these fascists should relentlessly continue
    • The diplomatic campaign to isolate these fascists should continue; the demonstrations should start up and continue with more vigor and urgency
    • The solidarity of the Oromo people with all the oppressed people of Ethiopia should be strengthened; not only the unity of the Oromo people but also the unity of all oppressed people of Ethiopia is an undefeatable power
    • Various Diaspora media and activists are doing excellent job in supporting the struggle Activists should continue playing a bigger role in strengthening the solidarity of the Oromo people with other people of Ethiopia
    • The argument that says that the Oromo are fighting to secede is dead on arrival and is only TPLF’s argument to divide and rule Ethiopians. The Oromo do not benefit from any kind of secession. We are all destined to live together in one new Ethiopia as a mother that looks at all her children with equality and justice for all.
  • An urgent and relentless call should be made to the members of the army and security to stand in solidarity with the people of Ethiopia: people who have relatives in the army should call, write and inform them about what is happening on the land. They should be told that they are killing, torturing and displacing their brothers and sisters. They should be told that they are again invading the land of the people that has been paying their salaries for years.
  • Any peaceful contact opportunity with any member of the army should be used to teach them to turn their guns against the invaders.
  • The state of emergency should be dead on arrival and made null and void. This law is as illegitimate as the TPLF government has been for the last 27 years.

A vision of new Ethiopia

  • A true constitutionally democratic federal system where all nations and nationalities are seen as equal members of the land. A democratic federal system where nations and nationalities have the right to their resources, have the right to democratically rule themselves under one Ethiopia.
  • An Ethiopia where Afan Oromo and Amharic are equally federal official languages.
  • All citizens of Oromia as well as all citizens in other federal states have equal rights and citizenship.
  • An Ethiopia that considers cultural and linguistic diversity not as a source of weakness but strength and tourist attraction and one of the wonders of the world.
  • An Ethiopia that works to preserve all languages and cultures of its people regardless of their number and location; an Ethiopia where its young are encouraged to know as more Ethiopian languages as possible other than Afan Oromo and Amharic
  • Ethiopia that has a strong and one integrated defense force that is based on merit and that is loyal to the democratic constitution and the people of Ethiopia. An army free from politics defending the territorial integrity of the country.
  • An Ethiopia with a talented foreign affairs ministry representing the interest of the country and not certain cliques.
  • A federal police and security force that supports the local police and security forces in defending the democratic rights and peace of the people of Ethiopia.
  • An Ethiopia where the federal states have their own police and security forces to rule over their own jurisdiction democratically.
  • An Ethiopia where the rights of any of its citizens to live and work anywhere they desire is respected.
  • An Ethiopia where political power comes from the people and is for the people. An Ethiopia where injustice is not tolerated.
  • An Ethiopia where all elections are free, fair and democratic.
  • An Ethiopia where there is a rule of law and constitutions are not written just to cheat the western world and citizens but are implemented: an Ethiopia where everyone is equal in front of the law be it a president, a prime minister or a laborer.
  • An Ethiopia where there is freedom of the press, freedom of speech and gathering.
  • An Ethiopia where political power is meant to serve and not to be served.
  • An Ethiopia where the young do not run away from, but flock to it because they believe in the promise of its future.

Yes, time is up fascist TPLF!. We want to build a new Ethiopia that has all the above features.



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  1. bilusuma

    tribalist and fanatic citizens you shouls reconcile with yourself and look for a psychological diagonosis for your dimentia.You are proclaming and preaching for those who are determined to profit from political transaction so that they could ascend to the throne and engage in corruption and benefit from money laundering ; thanxs


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