By | March 2, 2018

Ethiopia Under TPLF: When 359 = 346 to declare war!

Aba Orma, March 2, 2018

Today the world witnessed war being declared on the peoples of Ethiopia on the bases of 359 = 346.

The constitution stipulates that it requires 2/3 of the parliament members to ratify the illegal State of Emergency of the TPLF regime in Ethiopia.

The speaker of the parliament, Abadula Gemeda, in its emergency meeting to ratify the unconstitutional State of Emergency, told for all to hear that out of the 539 eligible parliament members to vote, 346 voted in favor of the measure, 88 voted against the measure, and 7 abstained.

This is from the mouth of the speaker. 2/3 of 539 is (2/3)*(539) = 359.333. After citing the law that requires 2/3 of the votes, Abadula declared that the measure is agreed too with 346 votes.

In my humble opinion, President Barak Obama, my favorite of all time, owns the peoples of Ethiopia an apology.

The United States of America, the European Union, and the United Kingdom: this is what the peoples of Ethiopia have been subjected to for the last 27 years.

Now the burden is on those who enabled the TPLF to commit state terror on the peoples of Ethiopia for the last 27 years. The time to translate “strongly oppose” to practical measure is now. People are already dying and are about to be massacred in mass because of this unconstitutional law.

The kangaroo parliament is dissolved as of the declaration of the war and OPDO as organization is dead!

Those Oromos hoping to salvage the TPLF regime wash your hands of your sins and join the final confrontation on the side of the people.

Those who were singing Abadula’s tune and doing his propaganda, confess your sin and ask for forgiveness to the Oromo people and join the camp.

Gantoota Miseensoota #Paarlamaadharaa Godina Shawaa Lixaa irraa Uummata Oromoo Irratti Harka baasuun Waraana kan Labsan Keessa yeroof Maqaan kan Adda Baafame!!
1. Shambal Nagaasaa ,Aanaa Calliyaa/Geedoo irraa wayyaaneen kan filatame
2.Tigist Hayilee Aanaa Meettaa Roobii irraa wayyaaneen kan filatamte
3. Qonjit Baqqalaa Aanaa Jalduu irraa wayyaaneen kan filatamte.
🔴Yakkamtootni kun kanaan booda uummata keenyaatti dabalamuu hin qaban.
Gatii harka baasanii uummatarratti waraana labsaniin kan wal madaalu yeroon itti argatan fagoo miti.!!

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