By | January 16, 2018

 By Asafa Tafarra Dibaba

so true, Truth is the daughter of time!

tell me yours, I tell you mine,
Jews or Philistines,
the reason for your exile to ancient Kemet/Egypt
or Aethiopia

was it not to escape persecution?

“Get up, take the child with his mother,
and flee …!” wasn’t the call?

and Abraham, Moses, their tenure on this land?

so did the Sahabahs to Najashi–
Aethiopia, to escape Makkas!

of this land, the cradle of humankind
and civilization called AFRICA,
where humanity saw the first sun rise,
they were borne and bred and spread–

is their latest racist trade!

they forget to re-member
the “war of the womb”
that they incubated in this land
that their 6000 hunters inhabit this land,
AFRICA, policing the world, and
to turn the continent into another kill-zone–

to ruin many more love nests!

not just when two elephants fight
that the grass suffer
when they make love, too!

it is an abomination
to the spirit of this land, Dachii,
to desecrate the land of Love&Light
and call it SHITHOLE

the truth is,
the water of the first womb is in your face!
Black or White,
there is one human race–
rest is simple genetics!

we are all descendants of one mole
wandering border-between
that SHITHOLE and this SHITHOLE–
Black or White, all assholes smell alike!

AFRICA is the womb of humanity
that swim in the womb of time!
like life in the womb–
life in AFRICA is not always comfort, ease, nature, relaxation,
not always cuddly and peachy;
but not the “heart of darkness”!
forced out of Love&Light
(by insatiable human greed, by push-and-pull-policy),
so we wander life to death on exile.

the hunter is the hunted!

Ignorant is bully–
the crow calls raven “black”!

no matter how discouraging is saying spew
the twilight of hope twinkles morning dew!

we allow ourselves to be limited
only by our mind–
Perseverance is our magic wand!
it is this makings and breakings of Self
that is called Self-growth, rebirth & renewal!

in Africa’s cosmology,
God (Uma) is creation (Umama) in process,
“coming into Being/Self” by Ifa (light),
the life force!
before Ra was Amen (A’an)–
was Nun, the primordial Mother (water),
Africa! the route of Safuu & Ubuntu!

count your fingers
after you shake hands with these people–
those pathologically color-deficient!

the oppressed is a patient observer like owl–

it is just that some people refuse to grow
they take from us people & things we love dearly
when we try to rise & soar like an Eagle
they break our wings and forget we have a claw!

Asafa Tafarra Dibaba

Indiana University

Bloomington, Indiana


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