Your Borrowed Package to Load One of Your Own

Your Borrowed Package to Load One of Your Own

Worku Burayu (Phd), September 9, 2018

Summary: I wanted all of us to be re-baptized and refreshed our Oromummaa in Hawaas (Awash) river, the wholly river on the top of Ginchi mountain, the mountain that re-ignite the outbreak of Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo revolution.

Just for your attention: As you might have seen yesterday, thousands of people welcomed Patriotic Ginbot 7 leaders and its members in Addis Ababa waiving their old flag.  Patriotic Ginbot 7 leaders entered Ethiopia with all of its old package, the package of singularity, a totalitarian Ethiopia, one language, one flag, one culture, one everything. No diversity, no inclusiveness, no recognition for nations and nationalities. Their supporters’ slogan can tell you more if you have heard it properly than my article does. Patriotic Ginbot 7 leaders have long been used to doing things in a distinct way will not abandon their habits. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks (my next topic). Their foundation was based on destruction of others, particularly OLF. I have ample of survey data from back home from 2005 until now to support my claim. But now it is not my priority or our priority. My intention is not to write about others and consume our precious time by diverting your attention to less priority areas. Let discuss our priority that matter most in our own context. I promised in my previous article on website to reply my friends why I have been writing articles frequently this time. On your turn you have agreed not to wait for answers from others. I hope you have already figured out the answers.

Listening and Reading is Crucial: I believe, a conversation is involving of both speaking and listening, but where there is no listening, hearing mostly your own voice doesn’t teach you or others much. When individuals want to talk everything thought they know, like it has been in Diaspora, it is better to be a good listener and reader, because the listening and reading part is actually much more important than speaking or writing. I have been involving in many Oromo social meetings since I came to USA. When you go to the social meeting such as community meeting or political organization gathering everybody wants to talk or to ask the same questions without effective listeners, years after years. Unless you talk in every meeting, some considered you that you are not well-thought-out educated. The talk “what you know” whether it is correct or not is the style and experiences we acquired from Western influences. That is why you hear a child born in USA usually say “I love to talk or I am a talkative.” If you are a new comer particularly from your birth place, Oromia, I can say, publicly, you are considered as if you know virtually nothing about the modern country. Unknowingly or to be seen as knowledgeable person some tried to teach you even what you have been through about the liberation movement inside the country ignoring from what background you came from. some of us in diaspora considered the liberation movements as smart politics of talking with unsolicited brand-new information,” the information that you talk wherever you go whatever you know, without acknowledging or listening to the other side. It is amazing how many people love the sound of their own voice and are so consumed with what they are saying that they do not hear the other persons comments. Trying to make other people understand what you want to say is hostile, imposing, domineering and controlling. Many of our talkers or speakers or video streamers either in the past or at present usually didn’t or don’t recognize this fact. For them what matters were or are how many followers did or do they have! Imagine, they didn’t care whether the followers are genuinely following them for the cause of Oromummaa or that they followed them to generate information to attack themselves back.

Don’t take me wrong: As there are millions of Oromo back home scarified for their cause and are ready to fight for the final achievements, so do the Oromo in diaspora. Actually, majority of Oromo in diaspora, are those who flee their own country due to political persecution. However, less than 1% of those flee their country, have been contributed their time, effort and life for the greater common cause. Because of numerous factors many of them become idle, the idle that always complain even for their daily activities or feel emptiness without doing anything difference. Others even become against their thought of cause for them to flee. The author of this script came across with a few who at back home considered themselves non-Oromo but here in Diaspora acting as the best freedom fighter for the Oromo cause, the fighters that talk a talk. Although ignored by politician or leaders of any political organization, those who determined and fought the fight back home are also those actually walking a walk genuinely in diaspora too. Shortly, in that greedy Diaspora atmosphere, it was better to be a good listener and read the work of others: to filter the truth from untruthful, good from the bad by listening and reading rather than running to talk and write. Covering should come first before trying to discover. But now, almost, we all are starting long track running to go back, the marathon journey, without asking ourselves, are we arming ourselves with the right package that lead us to the final winning? It is at this point where filling gaps, the writing gaps, advising and comments with positive attitudes are required. Hence: When many people engaged to write, be a good reader-get knowledge, the knowledge better than before and use it for the betterment of your thinking. When many become advisors be a good learner. The time is when we should enhance effective communication by focusing more on effective listening that requires an objective and open mind without fixed opinions, which necessitates becoming more selfless and less self-absorbed. That was my aim without forgetting my final objectives. Never less, never weak, I am as intact and strong as I was at back home in my objectives. That is my partly reply for many of you who emailed and asked me why I was kept quit for a long period of time and writing frequently now.

My fellow Oromians: I am no one to criticize Diaspora and have no intention personally to attack anyone. However, since many of us and sympathizers of the Oromo struggle movements are preparing themselves to go back home, with “I know everything fantasy and I should talk all the time mind,” the feeling that is not compatible with our beautiful native culture, I am a little bit nervous than any time before. Some, including high officials of political organization and most popular activist, are just not interested or willing to correct themselves because they usually do not see the need, thinking they do not have a problem. For those of us who wish to have better interactions among ourselves, better accommodating behavior, more harmonious, less conflicts among our societies; listening to others is more important than knowing how to speak well. Our beautiful culture, the culture that skilled us perseverance, tolerance, calmness and a good listener habit are virtually forgotten (Well-come to America) and eroded here in Diaspora. Our culture that nurtured us the ability to listen to what the other person is really saying is accessible, adaptable, gentle and flowing, flowing like a Hawaas (Awash) river instead of a Mormor (Blue Nile) dam blocking the river off its natural course, is overlooked. My intention is to make awareness to know our own weak side and work on it to reduce gap and misunderstanding that would be created when we go home, the home of diversity, the home of indigenous knowledge, the knowledge of everything. I have no doubt that the level of the social consciousness, political maturity, balanced views, broad and open-mindedness of our people back home is by-far multiple times advanced than that of the level of ours in Diaspora.

One for the Road: My Diaspora fellow Oromians, I know, you don’t have time to read my suggestion to you before heading to Oromiya, or for those of you who are already in Oromiya. Even if you have time, you don’t have patience to read article like this, because you are very busy in packing your borrowed package that is too heavy to push, but too easy to pull. I am appealing to you, don’t pull to your country this borrowed package, just push it to where it should be. My advice to you is “UNLOAD YOUR BORROWED PACKAGE TO LOAD ONE OF YOUR OWN,” in your beloved country. The package that consists of observing intelligently, listening seriously to the advice of your people, learning attentively the unrevised indigenous knowledge. Be ready to execute what your society wanted you to do than what you wanted them to do. Now be a good student. Just be yourself. Ready to smell the Aroma of your organic God given coffee, it is an inch away; take that hot coffee with your beloved people gathering in circle and be the exact mirror of your society (Oromians), the society you are rooted from. I wanted all of us to be re-baptized and refreshed our Oromummaa in Hawaas (Awash) river, the wholly river on the top of Ginchi mountain, the mountain that re-ignite the outbreak of Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo revolution.

I may not write another article until the official OLF office be inaugurated in the capital city of Oromia, Finfinne, Shaggar.

Horaa Bulaa!

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