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ህገመንግስቱን  ለመቀየር መጀመርያ የዉሽት ታሪኩን መቀየር ያስፈልጋል!  Ethiopia the only country with a borrowed history

Abba Orma, August 8, 2019

“Ethiopia” ብቸኛዋ የታሪክ ሌባ ሃገር ናት.

Constitution of a people is a reflection of its History, Languages, Culture, and Politics. You cannot write a constitution on a made up history. You cannot write a constitution for one language in a country of more than 80 languages, on and on.

Recently, one of the talking points in the Amhara political circle is throwing the current constitution of the country out of the window and write a new one.  The rational for that call is that Amhara was not represented during the writing of the constitution. Mind you most of them are not asking for amendments. The rules and procedures to amend the constitution are stipulated like any constitution in the world. But they want to completely throw out the current constitution and write a new one.  I am positive that in their mind they wishing to bring back the Emperor’s constitution even though they don’t say it. It is to be noted that EPRDF is the main actor in the writing of the current constitution and EPRDF is made up of four sister organizations among which one is that of Amhara party.

Constitution is a reflection of the people it serves. It is the people who writes their constitution in their image. It is the reflection of their history, culture, languages, religion and more or less way of life. Therefore, if they are serious, the first order of business should be tossing out the fake “History of Ethiopia” and writing the correct history of the peoples of Ethiopia.

The root cause of most of modern day Ethiopia’s problem starts with the fake stolen history of Ethiopian. The ruling class of Abyssinia carefully stolen and crafted a fictional history most of which is borrowed from other peoples of East Africa and linked that to Solomonic dynasty in Israel. Instead of their history, it is what they wished their history is. The same fictional history is handed down to generations. There are ample examples to present but for now we mention few of them. The most obvious ones are that of Queen of Sheba (Mekeda), Kebra Nagast, Arc of Convenient, etc. are presented as the history of Abyssinian and then over the last 150 years inflicted on the Oromo and the Southern people. The sad thing is in the process of creating a fictional legendary history, they forgot their true history. This makes Ethiopia the only history heist country.

In conclusion, for the country to move forward, first and foremost return the stolen history to its proper owner and good or bad to write the true history of the people of Ethiopia. That way we know the people, their languages, and history to whom we are writing the constitution.

Finally, the so called “citizen politics” is also meant to continue to confuse the peoples of Ethiopia, especially the Oromo people by sugar coating their true intention, to maintain and continue the old system.

So, my advice to my fellow Oromian is for every “change the constitution”, demand true history of all the peoples of Ethiopia as a precursor for changing the constitution.

For the “citizen politics” citizen of which country?


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  1. Seifu degefu

    ዐማራ ያለው የኢትዮጵያ ሕገመንግሥት ሲመሰረት እኔ አልነበርኩም ይላል ። በመዠመሪያ የሚለው እውነት ነው ወይስ ውሸት? እውነት ከሆነ ያልተወከለበትን ሕግ መንግሥት መቀበል አለብህ እኔ አውቅልሃለሁ ብሎ ልዥን አብሽ እንደመጋት ይቆጠራል። አቃፊ አስተሳሰብ ቢሆን ኖሮ አዎን አልነበርክም። እስቲ ካለው ሕግ የማይስማማህ የትኛ ነው ብሎ መጠየቅ ተገቢ ነው። የሰፈረው አሳብ አግላሊ ነው።


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