ግንቦት-7ና እሳት (Ginbot-7 and Ethsat)  በጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር አብይ አህመድ ልብ ውስጥ የተተከሉና ለመፈንዳት የተቃረቡ አደገኛ ቦምቦች

ግንቦት-7ና እሳት (Ginbot-7 and Ethsat)  በጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር አብይ አህመድ ልብ ውስጥ የተተከሉና ለመፈንዳት የተቃረቡ አደገኛ ቦምቦች

Ginbot-7 and Ethsat are two very dangerous time bombs planted in the heart of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to go off any time.

By Jogoraa Gammadaa, March 13, 2019

I was puzzled by a piece I read on zehabasha.com written by a one Mekonnen Shawl Wolde Giorgis. A thoughtful and highly articulate author, Mr. Wolde Giorgis calls upon the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to use punitive force against people with opposing views. There is no doubt that his call is directed against the Oromo. As I continued to read, I remembered familiar expressions in writing and in public remarks by a former Derg official with the same last name. Be it the same person or not, the familiar Mr. Wolde Giorgis has recently called for the annihilation of the Oromo Liberation Front and the Oromo people from the face of Oromiya. In one of his Ethsat interviews, he said OLF and ONLF should not be allowed to return to the country even without their weapons; they should be annihilated “መጥፋት አለባቸዉ”. Recently, he called for the dissolution of the EPRDF, the transformation of ethnic parties into civic associations and the establishment of a sort of national council to run the government until the next election. Real or fiction, this guy is the ideologue behind Ginbot-7 and its mouth piece Ethsat.

Ginbot-7 is a collection of disgruntled individuals who were members of different political groups. Its leaders are composed of people who do not even know the names of their grandfathers let alone their ethnic origin. As such they suffer from extreme identity crisis and inferiority complex. Politically, they have no distinctly known constituents with which they could identify themselves. Interestingly enough, Ginbot-7ers are completely rejected by the same ethnic groups with whom they try to identify themselves. The group has nothing to offer to the Amhara and thus rejected by them who support the Amhara Democratic Party. In the first place, how come the leaders of Ginbot-7 who were not Amhara themselves stand in front of the people and beg for their support? Likewise, the group is rejected by the Gurage when it lectured them about zeginet polotika instead of addressing burning issues that concern the Gurage people.

Completely rejected by established constituent groups (who support other parties) in the country, Ginbot-7 turned to like-minded disgruntled individuals in Finfinnee. It encouraged these individuals to engage in political anarchism and fabricate problems which never existed. They began to get involved into issues which are outside of their jurisdiction or none of their business. Currently, they are inciting hostility and calling for a war between the peoples of Finfinnee and Oromiya. The two peoples never had any problem and have been living with one another in a mutually respectful relationship. When the state of Oromiya took legal administrative measures against squatters, the anarchist agents of Ginbot-7 staged a propaganda campaign against the Oromo. On March 12, 2019, Ginbot-7’s mouth piece, Ethsat, disseminated a false news that the Oromo are forcing the Amhara out in parts of Wallagga. Amharas residing in those areas vehemently denied the allegation.

What the Oromo and the rest of Ethiopians need to know is that Ginbot-7 and Ethsat have nothing to lose by causing conflicts and bloodsheds between people. Because they have no constituency that could be affected by the mayhem they cause. They are rejected by the Amhara, Sidama, Gurage, Somali and the Oromo. The only way they think they can survive is by creating violence and turning one ethnic group against another. In this case, they chose the Oromo as the ideal target of their violence.

Ginbot-7 and Ethsat (as well as their ideologue, Mr. Wolde Giorgis) are the reason for the instabilities we witness today in many parts of the country. The instabilities they caused have made it difficult for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to govern the country. The irony is that he listens to them more than to any other group. He gave them positions in his many commissions and boards. He openly admired a Ginbot-7 journalist who accused President Lammaa Maggarssa of being a TPLF agent who was trained to kill the Oromo. Interestingly enough, while it kept a low profile since its return to the country in August, 2018, Ginbot-7 has been busy conspiring underground and its propaganda wing, Ethsat, has been busy disseminating anti-Oromo campaigns. The ultimate objective of the duo is to grab power. When the Qeerroo toppled the TPLF, Ginbot-7 and Ethsat felt they moved one step to their perceived goal. The return of the OLF dashed their hope of crushing the Oromo people as easily as they hoped they could. They then devised a new strategy of supporting the premier and turning him against the OLF. They were successful in this. They call it እርስ በርሱ, a typical Habasha strategy of neutralizing one Oromo group by another and then turn against the last one. That last one for them is Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. But the PM lacked the gut to understand the Oromo wisdom that, “si goyyomsu yaa marqa si afufuun si liqmisuufi.” Instead, he acted like “ijoolleen bareedde jennaan ija babaafte.” With their malicious moves Ginbot-7 and Ethsat entered the premier’s heart like a ticking time bomb. The ticking gained momentum with Ginbot-7 and Ethsat’s reaction to what happened at Laga Xaafo and with their anarchist reaction to Oromiya’s right over Finfinnee.  Their fabricated propaganda over Amhara expulsion from Wallagga has pushed them closer to the red line.  Their ultimate plan is to create instability in all regions and make the country ungovernable creating an opportunity for them to remove Dr. Abiy from power and restore the empire that had long been lost from our memory. What they failed to understand is that the Oromo are united more than ever and ready to fight for their right. Most of all, every step Ginbot-7 and Ethsat take, brings the Oromo closer and closer to total intendance. The prime minister still has some time to turn around to diffuse the bomb they planted in his heart. Or else, “ya gowwaa si duubi bowwaa.”

If Ginbot-7 and Ethsat are concerned for the Amhara people, they have to turn their attention to Walqayit Tsegede from where the TPLF put the whole of Gondar within the range of its artillery, “አህያዉን ፈርቶ ዳዉላዉን”.

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