20 migrants die as smugglers throw 80 overboard off Djibouti coast

20 migrants die as smugglers throw 80 overboard off Djibouti coast

(Africa-CGTN) — At least 20 migrants have been reported dead off the coast of Obock, Djibouti after 80 were thrown off a boat by people smugglers.

File: A boat carrying migrants. (Photo: Micnios)

Mohammed Abdiker, Regional Director for East and Horn of Africa reported that “the boat was on its way to Yemen, adding that thousands of young African migrants try to pass through war-torn Yemen looking for jobs in Gulf countries.”

Abdiker further said that this is the third such tragedy in less than six months, with over 70 migrants now killed.

Director General of UN Migration António Vitorino also tweeted saying, “Grim news of more migrant deaths off the coast of Djibouti today. At least 20 migrants drowned and 60 others are in distress after being thrown off a boat by smugglers. Prosecuting traffickers and smugglers who prey on the vulnerabilities of migrants must be a priority.”

Anadolu Agency reports that “The boat left from Oulebi, Djibouti, with 200 migrants, including women and children. The smugglers started shouting there were too many people on board and started throwing people into the sea. The survivors are being treated at the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Migrant Response Center in Djibouti.”

Five bodies are reported to have been recovered until now.

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