78 Muslims died in Somalia, 148 Injured as bomb blast inside a Vehicle today

78 Muslims died in Somalia, 148 Injured as bomb blast inside a Vehicle today

(Love for Islamic) — Most of you people already read this news by now on several other media channels, but the objective of writing this post is not telling you the whole story but to pray for the Muslims who lost their lives in this bomb blast because every media channel presenting this news in context of general people, but we are writing this especially for all those Muslims who lost their lives, as no media will do this except us because the main focus in our each post is for the welfare of Muslim ummah and related to Muslims in anyways.

DEATH toll in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu reached up to 80 in according to some sources, but the defense minister of Somalia said 79 died up to now and 150 around are seriously injured.
This is one of the deadliest recent attacks on the specific community of Muslims in Somalia’s capital.
More than 100 were also injured and wounded at a mass level. When a car loaded with explosives was detonated at a busy checkpoint in the country’s capital. During morning rush hour on Saturday. The death toll is expected to raise up to 100.
An eye witness said: “I Can’t tell you the situation at that time, everywhere was injured and dead people, the blood was flowing like its not a cement road but a river of red color”
As you people are very well aware of the situation of the Muslims around the world, then it may be Syria, Gaza, India, China, Yemen, Rohingya, Somalia, Nigeria, everywhere Muslims are in deep and serious troubles, but not a single Arab nation raised their voices against this injustice and brutality on the Muslims by the fascists governments of these countries mentioned above, the Crown prince Muhammad bin  Salman yet praised and defend China’s treatment of Uighur Muslims minority.
Sadly, let’s pray for these departed souls and pray for their families and friends, may Allah give the highest place in Jannah to these people and sabr to their families.

Somalia warns Kenya to stay out of its internal affairs

Ahmed Isse Awad, Minister of Foreign Affairs

(AA) — The Somali government called on its neighbor Kenya on Thursday to “halt its ongoing violations” of Somalia’s sovereignty and encroachment in the border areas between the two countries.

Somalia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it has decided to pursue necessary avenues including diplomatic efforts as part of its constitutional mandate of protecting the country’s unity and sovereignty.

Somalia thanked Kenya for its soldiers who are under the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and are battling al-Qaeda affiliated al-Shabaab militants with the aim of bringing peace and stability to the country and liberating Somalia from terrorist organizations.

But “we maintain that at no given time will we tolerate any country that is part of troop-contributing countries to AMISOM to overstep its mandate and abuse its membership and interfere in the internal affairs of the host country with total disregard of the stipulated regulations of the Federal Government of Somalia.”

Kenya and Somalia have been on the verge of a diplomatic maritime row over a disputed 62,000-square-mile (160,580-square-kilometer) oil and gas-rich area in the Indian Ocean in the shape of a triangle that both nations claim.

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