A 95 years old man arrested by Abiy Regime

A 95 years old man arrested by Abiy Regime

In Borana, Oromia Regional State, a 95 years old man was arrested allegedly for supporting Oromo Liberation Army. He was apprehended with a number of local residents in the area. All of them are still under ill treatment where torture, starvation, disease, rape and killings are rampant in the prisons. We pray for the old man to be a survivor of torture, disease and hunger.

The Nobel Laureate, Abiy Ahmed’s peace prize has produced more killing, torture and inhumane treatment ever practiced in that country since Minilik II. It seems the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize equates to a license to kill more.

(Oromedia, 24/06/2020) Manguddoon waggaa 95 bilisummaa Oromoof hidhaa keessa jiran.

Godina Booranaa Aanaa Gomoolee Ganda Dhaddacha Quufaatti waraana Bilisummaa Oromoo gargaarta jechuun waraanni mootummaa mana Barumsaa Sadarkaa 1ffaa Dhaddacha Quufaatti namoota hedduu waliin hidhanii jiru. Manguddoo kunuunsi maluuf hireen isaa Hidhaatti dararamuu taateef.

Oromummaan daa’imaa hanga Manguddootti wareegama kaffalchiisaa jira

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