A heavy fighting is going on in Rama city of Tigray along the border of Eritrea

TDF preparing multiple major operations

A heavy fighting has been going on in the last three days in Rama city of Tigray and Eritrea.

The Tigray army and the Eritrea are fighting heavy fighting on the third day between Rama and the border of Eritrea and Tigray are now saying that the loss is too much. You’re a ‘ Cakiran ‘..  Sources in ‘ west of Tigray ‘ told Ogaadenia Media that fighting is still going on there ‘ both sides ‘ suffered heavy losses.

The Tigrian army, ‘ TDF ‘ has been reported to have started the attack on ‘ early ‘ Friday morning ‘ till today ‘ Sunday ‘ the fighting continues ‘..

Other sources in Eritrea have also confirmed that the fighting is ‘heavy’ in Eritrean.

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