A message to Oromo-Phobic political and media organizations

A message to Oromo-Phobic political and media organizations

By Soretti Jarrssoo, October 2, 2018

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Oromo-phobia campaigners based in Washington, DC, they are restless, they liars, exaggerators, .

The old failed politics is at play by some Oromo-phobic organizations.  It is as if they were not prepared for what is to come with political reform.  On September 15, 2018 millions of Oromo gathered at Maskal Square in Finfinnee to welcome Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) leadership and Oromo Liberation Army (OLA).   The day was filled with celebration and jubilation and concluded peacefully.  This event shocked the Oromo-phobic political and media organizations out of their mind.  So they turned into violence and smear campaign.  Perhaps it is easy to stick to the old failed politics and tactics of smear campaign, instigating to create conflict and mistrust between peoples and nationalities.

Let us look at their grievances so we can understand them better.  These political organizations proclaim one country, one language and one flag, as if they were not following the qeerroo and qarree revolution for the last four years.  Oromo and the Oromo youth were imprisoned, tortured and died struggling for freedom and democracy.  They struggled and died for diversity and inclusion and NOT EXCLUSION.  So one country, one language and one flag is none starter for Oromo and it should have been for these organizations as well if they truly believe in freedom, democracy, diversity, inclusion, and if they truly care about the future of Ethiopia.

For generations Oromo were imprisoned, tortured and everything humanly possible was done to squash our quest for freedom.  But we are resilient; and we will never quit until the quest for freedom and democracy is achieved.   Here and now, we are witnessing history in the making.  The Oromo people and all peoples of Ethiopia are closer than ever before to write their own history.

Allow me to say that time has changed, so is the generation; it is qeerroo and qubee generation!  It is a new era, a new dawn and we are standing firm united to secure our God given rights.

September 15, 2018 is in history books.  People willingly and excitedly came to Finfinnee from every corners of Oromia to welcome the OLF leadership and OLA.   Some walked for days as part of honoring their fallen brothers and sisters. That was a glimpse at what freedom and democracy will look like.

The Oromo-phobic political organizations shout “no to ethnic politics,” but the truth is Ethiopia has always been all about ethnic politics for generations, probably since her existence.  However, it was hidden behind a mask called “Ethiopiawinet “.

It requires a different thinking to let go of the old thinking and make political and historical course correction to build a new Ethiopia.  It takes COURAGE, and it is PATRIOTISM.  At the moment, it looks like the Oromo-Phobic organizations chose to go the easy road – stick to the status quo and do whatever they can to disrupt and slow down the progress.

To the Oromo-phobic political organizations, let me encourage you to re-think and reflect by saying this:  for the first time in Ethiopian political history, we have leaders who took the COURAGE and said ENOUGH.  Released political prisoners, opened up the political space, visited diaspora and promised many more.  There is a HUGE opportunity; are you going to let go of failed politics to join and do your part in building a NEW, prosperous, diverse and beautiful Ethiopia (Ethiopia of many nations), or are you going to keep playing a losing game.  Your choice, your decision!

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  1. Abbaan odeessitu haa odeessitu kaayyoo ofiin of bulchuu fi Toophiyaa waliin bulchuu irraa duubatti hinjennu. Waantota kana gadii irratti jara waliin marii taa’uu holloos waliin dhaahachuu hinbarbaachisu:

    1. ofiin of bulchuu (federalism)
    2. Finfinneen handhuura Oromiyaa/magaala guddoo oromiyaa/ta’uu
    3. Afaan Oromoo afaan barnootaa fi afaan hojii biyyoolessaa ta’uu
    Amma immoo ABO’n maal godhe jedhanii mormu duraanoo biyya fottoqsuuf deema jedhu.

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