A virtual townhall event, regarding Oromia National Transitional Government

A virtual townhall event, regarding Oromia National Transitional Government.

Oromia Global Forum | Febrruary 17, 2021


Greetings dear respected sisters and brothers around the globe.

As you all know, Oromia has been suffering under the command post (military rule) of the serial killer, Abiy Ahmed, since 2018. As if that is not enough, Abiy has armed the Amhara militia and deployed it to destroy the very survival of the Oromo nation, starting from Raayyaa, Wolloo, Metekel, now expanding its killings to western Oromia, central Oromia and more. All Oromo Media outlets are shutdown. Oromo journalists are illegally arrested. Prominent Oromo political leaders are suffering in prisons. Those who are conducting hunger strike are denied of medical check up and treatment.  They are suffering under the inhumane, brutal regime of Abiy Ahmed. Our people are killed on the streets, every day. Mass arrests, torture, rape,  burning of villages, houses, crops, looting of properties and animals of the Oromo people has become the duty and daily practices of all Ethiopian armed forces; the military, the security, the police and special forces are licensed to kill at their will. We cannot see away, nor hear away all these sufferings our people facing daily. If Oromia had its own government, this situation would call for total mobilization of our people and declaration of national self-defense. No one else, but the Oromo nation is the only guarantee and responsible entity for its own survival. And, it is only an organized national that can defend itself. The highest form of Organization for a society is having its own government.  Therefore, it is the duty and obligation of every freedom loving Oromian not only to support, but also to tangibly contribute to the establishment of Oromia National Transitional Government. The sooner, the better. Attached, please, find and read the date and time of a virtual townhall event, regarding Oromia National Transitional Government.  Please, join the event> Invite your friends, family members and all of your contacts to join. Share, share, share, share the attached flyer under your social media accounts, websites and and make it part of your news.
Please, also note that Oromia Global Forum (OGF) is organizing an urgent public meeting on Saturday, February 20, 2021, at 11:00 AM, Washington DC timeMark this in your calendar. This shall be conducted via zoom. The link to the zoom room shall be sent later on. 

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