Abadula Gemeda is a fitting reception to Lencoo Lata and ODF

Abadula Gemeda is a fitting reception to Lencoo Lata and ODF

By Aba Orma, May 23, 2018

Subtitle: Qeerroo and the Oromo people must hold Lencoo Lata accountable!

There is nothing more degrading than to be received by Abadula Gemeda! Who is in line to surrender following Lenchos?

Obbo Lencoo Lata: Who killed Baro Tumsa? Where is Nedhi Gamada? These are some of the questions Lencoo Lata must address before anything and face the mothers of more than 20,000 Oromo freedom fighters that he put in TPLF’s slaughter houses as a sacrifice to Meles.

There is nothing more degrading than to be received by Abadula Gemeda!

It is fitting that Abadula Gemeda was the anointed receiver to the ODF as they arrive in Finfinnee. They have so much in common with Abadula. The symbolism itself speaks volumes. Abadula is the modern day Oromo Judas Iscariot, who sold Jesus for thirty pieces of silver.

After many years of working from the shadow against the interests of the Oromo people, Lencoo Lata came out of the closest and unequivocally stated that his life mission has been to dwarf the Oromo struggle for independence and headed to Finfinnee to continue the same with his sidekicks Dr. Dima Nago, Lencoo Bati, Dr. Bayan Assabo, and Hassen Hussien.

Lencoo Lata said that he is taking his ODF to Finfinnee to save the crumbling old empire. It is clear that he is alluding to the fact that the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), the Oromo Liberation Army, and Qeerroo are stronger than ever and determined to bring the injustices against their people to an end for once and for all.

It worth mentioning that the Oromo struggle and the OLF is better off today than at any time in the past. Despite his groups repeated attempt to weaken and kill the Oromo Liberation Front, the Organization together with the Oromo people has ushered a new era of optimism for all oppressed peoples of Ethiopia. That is what is killing him!

Under the leadership of Dawud Ibsa Ayana, the Oromo Liberation Front reconstituted and transferred the Oromo struggle for complete freedom from an organization base to the Oromo people and as a result Qeerroo is born. Today, the Oromo struggle for justice and freedom reached to the point that even enemies of Oromo admit to the fact the Oromo nation and Oromia are to stay in one form or another.

Lencoo Lata’s rush to Finfinnee is a kneejerk reaction to this fact and took his sidekicks to Finfinnee to mud the water and once again trade on the back of Qeerroo and the Oromo people to save the crumbling old empire.

There will be a lot of mudding the water to take place before they book their flight back to Norway and Minnesota. We will be hearing a lot of “Asmara” and new world order from these self-defeatists.

Now that Lencoo is in Finfinnee, his first order of business should be addressing: Who killed Baro Tumsa? Where is Nedhi Gamada? Talk to the mothers of the more than 25,000 Oromo fighters he helped Meles murder them.

Lencoo Lata is a fatal cancer on the Oromo struggle and Qeerroo be aware that if he is allowed, he will present them as a sacrifice lambs to the TPLF and OPDO regime to wash of his sin with your blood.

Just like the Tigrayan have Tigray and the Amara have Gondar and Gojam, the Oromo must have their country Oromia and then figure out the future together or separately.  The scramble for Oromia is futile and will end in a strong and independent nation, the republic of Oromia.

Oromia Shall be Free!


  1. What are these guys? Were they struggling for Oromo in Oromia like OFC or defending oromo wherever they might be?
    Opportunist, ego-centrist! They have zero value for Oromo.

    Wait! They want to live in Oromia before they leave the world naturally.

  2. These are losers who are not trust worth and cannot get job as a dog catcher let alone speak for more than 50 million Oromos. They are an embarrassment.

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