Abdi Iley’s boss, General Abraha (Quarter) passed away

Abdi Iley’s boss, General Abraha (Quarter) passed away

General Abraham Wodemariam (aka Quarter) was often associated in the displacements of over a million Oromo along the borders of the Oromia and Ethiopian Somali regional states in his role as head of the Eastern Defence Command of the Ethiopian National Defence Force. His troops and that of president of Somali Regional State Abdi Mohamud Omar’s (aka Abdi Iley) Liyu Police committed ethnic cleansing in that state, where millions of families were uprooted.

Under the General Abraha’s command and guide, Abdi Iley burned down villages, killed women and children in Ogaden in a bid to flush out ONLF army. During the that time, the General was engaged in sophisticated corruption where the Abdi Iley’s families and friends interlocked with highly organized occupation and money-laundering. The General was the most beneficiary of the corruption. Hundreds died in the protests against the repression of Abdi Iley’s rule of terror.

The General will be remembered as the most brutal, cruel, heartless and inhumane commander of the EPDRF/TPLF regime for 25 years.  The General died in a hospital in Thailand. RIP

ጄነራል አብርሃ ወ/ማርያም (ኳርተር) አረፉ
የደቡብ ምሥራቅ ዕዝ ዋና አዛዥ እንዲሁም በመከላከያ የዘመቻ ዋና መምሪያ ኃላፊ የነበሩት ጄነራል አብርሃ ወ/ማርያም (ኳርተር) ባደረባቸው ህመም ከዚህ ዓለም በሞት እንደተለዩ ተገለጸ።

ጀነራል አብርሃ ታይላንድ ውስጥ ሕክምናቸውን ሲከታተሉ እንደቆዩም ተነግሯል። ጄነራሉ ሙሉ የጄነራልነት ማእርጋቸውን ያገኙት ባለፈው ዓመት ነበር።

በወቅቱ ከአቶ ሃይለማርያም ደሳለኝ ማዕረጉን ካገኙት አራት ሙሉ ጄነራሎች መካከል ጄነራል ሰዓረ መኮንንና ጄነራል አብርሃ ኳርተር በአንድ ሳምንት ጊዜ ውስጥ በግድያና በህመም ህይወታቸው አልፏል።

ጄነራል አብርሃ ወልደማርያም ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር ዐብይ አሕመድ ወደ ስልጣን መምጣታቸውን ተከትሎ ከሠራዊቱ በጡረታ መሰናበታቸው የሚታወስ ነው።


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