Abdi illey is getting ready to wage a war on the Oromo

Abdi illey, TPLF appointed president of Somali region, is getting ready to wage a war on the Oromo

May 1, 2018

OROMOS ARE ENEMY, declares Abdi Iley

(SomaliNet) — In an impromptu meeting he held today with “elders” of Jigjiga, a very emotional Abdi Iley made startling, but not unexpected, remarks that indicate he may be preparing for war with Oromos.

Abdi Iley told the elders “Dr. Abiy and the Oromos who came to Jigjiga are liars. They are not offering a hand of peace. They have waged a silent war on us. We must prepare to fight them”.

Abdi Iley assigned 5 members of regional parliament to each district and allocated a lot of money for what he said is to stage district-wide demonstrations that support him. He also said we have to create youth in the form of the Oromo Qeerroo in each district.

Abdi Iley’s latest outburst follows the arrest of Colonel Teklay, commander of the national army in Dire Dawa, and 11 other accomplices found guilty of storming a residential house that belongs to a known Somali opponent of Abdi Iley on the orders of Abdi Iley. The army officers and soldiers are said to have been detained yesterday.

General Ma’asho, commander of Eastern division of the Ethiopian army, who is believed to have known about the attack on the house of Ahmed Dahir Ade ( the man attacked), may be behind Abdi Iley’s belligerence.

Huge sums of money continue to be withdrawn from the commercial
Bank of Ethiopia, Jigjga Branch for such and similar operations.


  1. Another TPLF drama to massacre Oromos. In the end, they all will pay for their crimes in kind!

  2. I am not someone who would pull Abdi Iley into a shadow for comfort and my comment is not meant in any way to stand by his side. He is a butcher, as simple as that. However, your article appears to be far short of the expectations by using a Somali Website (SomalNet) for your source of information!. It is a fact that the Somali websites are all clan oriented – the reason why there are more than 470 Somali websites, while there are only a few Oromo, Amara and Tigre websites.
    We, the Oromos and Somalis under Abyssinian occupation for so long, must be careful lest we fall into a trap, which I have no doubt is underway. Turning Somalis against Oromos and vice-versa is one of the occupiers’ strategies.

  3. Abdi Iley is a TPLF apartheid minority regime loyalist genocider..who committed lots of crimes against Somalis and Oromia alike, like his comrades OPDO.
    Qeerroo, ONLF, OLF , sidamo liberation front and all other oppressed nations in fake Abyssinia must intensify freedom struggle and start hugging criminals TPLF settelers’ colaboraters .

    Remember qeerroo &co:
    Treat Abiy Ahmed and Abdi Iley equally…both are TPLF informers and murderes

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