Abiy Ahmed’s Two Years Imprudent Journey

Abiy Ahmed’s Two Years Imprudent Journey: –

(From State of Emergency to Blockade of Information Until Spread of COVID-19)

By Worku Burayu (PhD), March 30, 2020

Today many know, although too late, from Abiy’s two years thoughtless journey that he wanted to practice and follow Menelik’s footprint. Many Oromo also know Harmaa fi Harka muraa Aannoolee, but most know very little about Menelik’s practice of smallpox as a biological agent. After defeated five times by heroes and heroines of Oromo, Menelik II of Abyssinia had used smallpox as a biological warfare to exterminate Arsi Oromo at Azule, Arsi in September 1886. In our time, after repeatedly defeated by heroes and heroines of Oromo of our age, the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), it appears that Abiy wanted to follow the Menelik’s experience. We can deduce that Abiy will do everything in his capacity through his connects, to use Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) spread as a biological war, as it appears from his intent of genocidal act in Western and Southern Oromiya. He sustained the obstruction that isolates over 20 million population from information globally and internally, especially about the COVID 19 pandemic.

With the 2018 so called “change” the repositioning of power within the EPRDF from the TPLF ruled EPRDF to OPDO ruled EPRDF, Ethiopia launched itself on a disturbed transition to liberal like but confused form of democracy. But months later, Abiy Ahmed handpicked many Regional STATE president, just a member who rose from nowhere determined to restore the order of the Country, resolved to bring an end to the revolution. His attention-grabbing tale moves from the rise of him through the key moments of his occupancy to re-centralizing power into his hands; from his decision of blocking information to the horrific slaughter of Oromian’s children in Western and Southern Oromiya. Abiy’s rising goes behind the passages of current Ethiopia to reveal the conclusion of Prosperity Party (PP), the secret plot to reconsolidate the unitary power in the Ethiopia. In short, during the two years Abiy’s journey, we have witnessed the systematic movement to antithesis the Federalism system and convert Ethiopia back into a totalitarian state.

What is worrying is, the present situation in Oromia is moving from a bad situation to a worse one. We came into realize that situations aren’t always as good as they seem to be. Sometimes, we get it in our heads that we’d be better off somewhere else, but once we get there, we find an even worse situation than the one we left. From King to Derg-from Derg to TPLF-and then to Prosperity Party (PP). No one denied there have been revolution in Ethiopia. In many cases that revolution consumed the revolutionist. Whether you’re overthrowing a government like it had been for the King and the Derg regime or protesting an unjust law (like it has been today), you could be called a revolutionist, someone who works for political or social change. A revolutionist is someone who wants to change the world — not just sitting around talking about it, but actually doing something to bring about change. This has been the case for Oromo, the motorist for the so-called present change in Ethiopia, who scarified more than five thousand young brilliant Oromo youth aka Qeerros to happen the change.

It was never Qeerroo’s intention to handover the change to present Ethiopian PM, Abiy Ahmed and its cabinet. When Qeerroo’s movement hijacked by activists, their movements divided and lose control. The activists that worked with then OPDO tried to manipulate the genuine Qeerro struggle for freedom and self determination to their own individual purpose or perception. They believed in the present government, particularly in Lemma and Abiy’s activity (recent interview of Jawar Mohammed on OMN by journalist Dejene Gutama). In that unwise short process, activists were also cheated. In turn, thief politician (Abiy and Lemma) hijacked the revolution from the activists and changed to dirty political game, the game that has been consuming the revolutionist, the Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo, the Oromo parties such as OLF, OFC, and PBO or the activists themselves. The far sighted Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo and other Oromo’s with no other option than to spare their lives and defending themselves have joined the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA).

Six months after positing himself comfortable, Abiy declared State of Emergency in Western and Southern Part of Oromia. A federal “Command Post” has taken over security management from regional authorities in the area since October 2018. The Command Post manages a de facto state of emergency, introducing curfews, prohibiting gatherings, and authorizing detentions without routine due process, and terrorizing the community. While people are suffering under the command post, deliberate blackout of internet/phone services happened. Although medias are blocked, several witness including government military personnel are exposing the heinous crime happening in that area. Today, I will share to you the story of one of the government militaries deployed in Wollega whose name and birthplace have not been disclosed as follows:

“I did my first deployment in Wollega and haven’t come home although my mother passed away in natural cause and my father killed by the government body, the government I fought for. My father was a fighter for freedom, generous, likable by members of the community and lovely dad I ever had. He didn’t want me to join military. I never considered myself as Oromo until my father killed by Abiy security forces. From that day onwards, I contemplated myself by implication as a killer of my father. I was devastated, and I knew it would have never happened had I not been deployed.” “I stayed for 15 months in Wollega and my pay was barely enough to take care of my two brothers and two sisters, all are younger than 18 years. After being in Wollega for more than a year, I was rethinking about my identity. The last three months were so intense in my life; I was stressed in the whole situation. My father killed being self-confident Oromo, we are killing people like him in Wollega.  I knew our unit is getting deployment orders to Borana and Gujii. I said, “I’m not going!” I just couldn’t do it again. I lost thousands of my comrades on Wollega soil (Government body confirmed more than 670 Ethiopian solders lost their life on the battle with Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) in the last six months; I was mentally drained, and I was angry. I wanted to get me and my siblings together before I exploded and did something that I would regret. Even, I don’t understand why I am fighting for. There is nothing new. The people they say ABO Shane, they all talk Afaan Oromoo, just like my father who scarified for the same cause. Why can’t people just say I don’t want to kill people anymore and leave the Army just like a person who would resign from a regular job? I wanted to serve my country with honor, but I didn’t sign up to kill innocent people. But it’s how People in Wollega are treated: horribly!”

Dear reader, the experience of this person is a fraction of others who have witnessed many untold horrifying situations. When I was writing this article, people are scaring to death in other parts of the country, but those in the Western Oromia have no clue about the Corona virus (COVID 19). Officials of Ethiopia have been releasing updates about COVID 19 mostly online, since it was reported on March 13, 2020. Both internet and phones lines are cut in Western Oromia and that it’s difficult to disseminate information about the pandemic to residents. A ruling party official posted on Facebook saying that “tourists and other foreigners are not travelling to these areas because of the security problem that exists there, so there’s little chance that the virus will get there.” However, as it is witnessed by many, the security concern in Western and Southern Oromia is created by the government itself. The Oromia Regional State president with his crew was on job trip to the hot spot zone in the last week of March and gathering people to talk about their political propaganda in that area. Human Rights Watch has said millions of Ethiopians are not getting access to timely and accurate information. Because he continued the blackouts of information, Abiy Ahmed’s administration may use COVID 19 spread as a biological war unless and otherwise there is interference both internally and externally. Reveal the right side of history!

Horaa Bulaa!

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  1. It is a fact that we are at war. The enemy is now taking this dangerous pandemic as an ally in its war against the Oromo. Prayer alone does not save us. Pleading alone will not save us. Throwing in a white flag or extending an olive branch will not save us. We have to realize that we are at war and be ready for the inevitable battle. We have to arm ourselves and build a strong defense force.

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