AbiyMustGo OromoProtests in Oromia

AbiyMUSTGo! OromoProtests Rally in Finfinnee, Oromiyaa – July 16, 2020

East Oromia on July 17, 2020

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  1. Many of Abiy Ahmed’s ethnic Amara friends are diaspora returnees who got dual citizenships ready to escape to other countries if justice knocks on their doors. For now these ethnic Amara friends of PM Abiy Ahmed are giving a blind eye to the injustice just to appease Abiy Ahmed. These Abiy Ahmed’s pets like to bark at diaspora returnees who don’t wiggle taiils to Abiy as they themselves often do. These Abiy Ahmed’s pets assure Abiy Ahmed he should continue arresting and criminalizing innocent people .Now continuously these dual citizenship holder Amara friends of Abiy reach out to their diaspora contacts trying to convince diasporas to defame Eskinder. I personally got messages from my Amara Gurage numerous families brother , sister , aunt , cousins to support Abiy Ahmed fully with no criticizing him for them on their behalf, to stay friends with Abiy over there where they are medemered went to live in Ethiopia after years or decades in the diaspora. Some families like mine couldn’t care less about anyone outside their family or outside their homes .I am disgusted to even ever speak to these family members of mine ever again. We need to be vigilant not to fall in Abiy’s trap.

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