Adoptive Parent (OPDO) Ill-treated Adopted Child (Jawar)

Adoptive Parent (OPDO) Ill-treated Adopted Child (Jawar)

Worku Burayu (PhD), October 28, 2019

The PM Abiy Ahmed and activist Jawar Mohammed are the two prominent but controversial politicians in Ethiopian politics. Both are orators and active and seemed determined for their cause. Externally, they seem stand for the same objectives, practically, however, positioned for different and sometimes opposite purposes. Until recently, however, both have had one common officially undisclosed enemy, the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). They spent together much of their time for the past one solid year to weaken, disassemble and spy the OLF, and to disarm the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) aka Waraana Bilisummaa Oromoo (WBO) and the Oromo people at large. WBO, on the other hand, is growing from time to time not only in quantity and quality but also in action as it has never seen in the history of OLF-OLA foundation. Jawar, who was overloaded by OPDO’s cadre work for most of his time, now experienced the iron fist dictator’s rule. At his time, The Oromo Waaqa, uncovered the truth and exposed them at the critical time in the day light. Both are ego-driven individuals who engaged in constant encounters — they want to protect the fragile illusory of who they are. The hilarious part is that both fight to keep an image of themselves that sometimes no one buys into, except them. According to Yoav Dattilo, “The ego is the worst confidence trickster we could ever imagine.”  We usually associate the word ‘ego’ with being arrogant, proud, or selfish. However, our ego is a different thing — it magnifies either our best or worst side. The ego Abiy and Jawar occupied is both ends buying the exaggerated version of themselves. The illusory self is a tempting behavior make-believe where they surrender to their ego. They let it hold the gearshifts of themselves without any resistance. When you believe you are your ego, you’ll do anything to keep that illusion alive. When you desire to be perceived as the smartest politician, the beloved leader, the best PM, the kindest man in this world, the most influential activist, and the king of kings etc. you allow your ego to take over. You self-identify with a single aspect of yourself — upholding that perfect image becomes a life-or-death matter. This is the reality Abiy and Jawar is suffering individually. By wanting to keep their illusory-self happy, not only they place hope on an impossible goal but also harm themselves and others. Thus, both are willing to lie, cheat, hide, or exaggerate, and in case of Abiy to kill and dispatch killers in order to protect their ego boundaries. If someone criticizes that ‘perfect side,’ they take it personally — they feel their entire identity is at risk. The paradox of the unhealthy ego is that, though it seems like a confidence-booster, it creates more harm. By comparing ourselves to others, we create self-doubt. And feel disappointed pursuing endless ambitions, we end disappointed. By pretending things always to go our way, we become bitter and frustrated. The aforementioned illustrations are the common behaviors of Abiy and Jawar. Individually:

  1. Abiy Ahmed, whose Orthodox Christian Mother married to Muslim Father, became prime minister in April 2018 and recently won the Noble prize for his peacemaking efforts between Ethiopia and neighboring Eritrea. Many wondered why Abiy is not mentioning his father name in any event he made speech, opposite to Oromo culture. In Oromo culture, you praise and give grace to your father name wherever you go and for whatever speech you make. In his first parliamentary speech, he mentioned couple of times about his mother but not a single time about his father. In his father funerial ceremony too, he didn’t want anyone to go with him to keep some secrete not to be disclosed. If he doesn’t want to disclose, let accept keep his secret, at least for the time being. The PM office and its authorities have repeatedly claimed victory in getting “Noble Peace Price” and lauded the public’s participation in accepting the “Medemer philosophy.” However, Oromos have accused PM of fomenting ethnic divisions among different ethnics and within Oromo society itself as a divide and rule tactic he follows that have led to serious violence, killings, and displacing hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians. His government has been conducting genocide in Mecca-Tulama, Sabo-Gona, Gujii, Wollo, Hararghe, Sikko-Mando, and many other Southern nation and Nationalities area. To resist this genocidal act the protests, continue to grow and expand across Oromia. Youths in areas under an emergency military rule are joining OLA in large number, to save their lives and to protect their society from the killing Ethiopian military. In its violent, thus far futile, attempt to assassin the human right activist Jawar Mohammed, a man who was hand in gloves with Abiy Ahmed, was designed from the prime minister office, according to Jawar himself.
  1. Jawar Mohammed, a prominent human right activist, was born to his biological parent (OLF) and raised by his adoptive parent (OPDO). He grew up and developed sense of OPDO idea mixing with incompatible principle his biological parent has. He gradually develops a self-concept and self-esteem affected by the adoption process throughout his lives. Jawar, who listened to no body advise, spent the last four years in favoring and protecting the interest of his adopted parent (OPDO) while negatively impacted the interest of his biological parent (OLF). He officially declared Oromo is already liberated. He warned the members and sympathizers of OLF to refrain from struggling for self-determination. I have been watching Jawar’s political activity since 2007 and observing his reckless effort to dismantle OLF and its army. He did go to the extent disarming and destroying the Oromo Liberation Army in his effort helping the PM Abiy. In witness of my claim, Jawar himself, even though late, told us in his media that Dina-Ras, former OLA high rank member and some other OLA members who hand over to the government peacefully were killed by security forces. Despite the fact that untold crime has been occurring in Oromia, bonding with OPDO was much more important for Jawar than to disclose the heinous crime occurring. He and his media kept quiet for most of the year not to disclose what has happening in Wollega, Guji, Borana and Wollo until recently, while he has full information when the regime is targeting, frustrating, killing and subjugating the Oromo and other long suppressed peoples of Ethiopia. He was reluctant to use his influential power either to stop the government wrongdoing or to visit families of the victims in various places.

Now, Jawar is mistreated and at jeopardy from his adoptive parent. The attempt to assassinate Jawar has alerted Jawar and the Qeerroo to stand in his support and scarified for him and the cause behind him. Jawar said the government’s plan was to remove his security, unleash civilian attackers and claim it was a mob attack. I believe his claim is true, since I know the work of PM Abiy and his office. To assassin Jawar and to contain the Oromia-wide protests, the PM regime is destabilizing the country and risks reversing the so-called change progress almost over the year. The present protests are not only about Jawar but also underscores the cumulative obvious facts: an already infuriated and alienated youth is resorting to self-defense and to defend their enzyme (Jawar) that catalyze the revolution in the face of extreme violence unleashed by the security forces. It should not come as a surprise that, probably in an hour, protesters have already marched to Jawar Mohammed house to protect him from an assassination attempt that knock his door and rise in unison against the regime. Couples of months ago, I was in Oromia, my home country. Wherever, I went in village after village, people are saying, in words and deeds, we gave enough time for Abiy to lead us towards our dream, the inalienable right to self-determination, but he betrayed us. Now Oromo fed-up including many ODP cadres with PM Abiy’s lie after lie. Knowing this fact, PM frustrated and wanted to plot sabotage including assassination of prominent politicians, activists and known Oromo elders. Abiy Ahmed is an assassin bug with proficient predatory lifestyle that is waiting for the prey in ambush, where chances of escape are minimal. So far, it is only Jawar Mohammed, at least for the time being, who escape from this predator. There is no guarantee for Jawar or any Oromo politicians in the future to escape from this predator. Jawar is not the first nether the last for assassin attempt. Now, Jawar starting spazzing out. The time is where he should rethink again for the third time and use this opportunity to re-conceptualize and synchronize the Oromo cause and interest in harmony with other Oromo political organizations.

In summary: Oromians want to raise their own flag. They want to elect their own leaders. They want to have determine their own fate including politics, economics, social, language and cultural and a say in development projects. They want to exercise their free will and civil liberties. New couples want to choose which music to play at their wedding. Oromo artists want to use their creative abilities and freely express societal grievances against those in power. There is only one way out of the current crisis: OPDO led ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) must go and the Oromo people must fasten the struggle to exercise genuine self-rule as enshrined in the constitution. Ethiopia must address its enduring and a risk posing permanent large negative consequences to Oromo and address the Oromo question or risk collapsing.

Horaa Bulaa!

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  1. How does this vengeful, divisive and poorly timed article contribute to Tokkumaa Oromoo at this critical juncture. Terrible! Toftaa hinbeeknuu, diina malee fira horachuu hinbeeknu, maal nuuwayyaa? Jawar diina Oromootii? Rabbi nuhaagargaaru.

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