A way to dictatorship and red terror (in pictures). PM Abiy Ahmed’s ambitions


A way to dictatorship and red terror (in pictures). PM Abiy Ahmed’s ambitions

Abiy Ahmed’s ambition was to be a king by gun
Colonel Abiyot Ahmed
ትግል Oromo
In this picture Abiy Ahmed was listening to Qeerro conversations on telephone in 2016. Names of Qeerroo captured, then, got submitted to Getachew Assefa, head of National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS), to hunt down the individuals for torture and imprisonment. Abiy established the cyber security agency called Information Network Security Agency (INSA) in 2013. The job of INSA was to tap phones, internet communications, blocking individual phone lines/groups, satellite TVs and more. He had led the agency, since then, and the agency was one of the most important instrument for torture and imprisonment.
Abiy wants to align himself with Dictators Menelik II and Mengistu Hailemariam
Abiy’s invites former dictator Mengistu Hailemariam to come back from exile
Former President Mengistu Hailemariam’s most trusted confidant, Dr Kassa Kebede, accepted PM Abiy’s invitation and has returned to Addis Ababa after 27 years in exile. His arrival at the Bole Airport sent another shock-wave through Ethiopia’s current political landscape toward dictatorship rule
The regime of Dr. Abiy Ahmed is in the brink of a collapse
To boost his falling regime, Dr. Abiy instigate war on Oromo, particularly in Western, Eastern and Southern Oromia. The Western Oromia one was focused to isolate other region. The activists hired to campaign and disseminate false news for confusion
Over a million Oromo got killed and uprooted from Ogaden during the regime of Dr. Abiy. The Somali militia are still backup from the Abiy’s military
Thousands of people fled Ethiopia’s Somali region following deadly clashes between ethnic Somali and Oromo, where the Abiy’s military backed the Somali militia against the Oromo civilians
Abiy visited his army in Benishangul and gave command to go after OLF army and kill or arrested including civilian supporters of OLF
Abiy Ahmed started rearresting the political prisoners, he released in June or July

The following video shows an attack on Jan 12, 2019. The same as previous regime. The regime of PM Abiy Ahmed must be condemned by the human right activists around the world.


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