Abiy Ahmed – Minilik on Steroids: Camouflaged Nafxanya Determined To Destroy Oromo From Within

Abiy Ahmed – Minilik on Steroids: Camouflaged Nafxanya Determined To Destroy Oromo From Within

Guddisaa Muleta (PhD), February 14, 2020

Minilik II:

Minilik II was a barbaric savage who butchered human beings alive (harka-muraa, harma muraa) to realize his dominance over the surrounding sovereign nations. The war of aggression and the brutality of the assimilationist policies that followed to subjugate the colonies left a permanent mark in our collective consciousness. The painful experiences galvanized generations that followed to fight back to reclaim what they lost and restore their National Pride. The struggle to end the historical injustice consumed generations and after a long journey, we were on the verge of victory except for the reincarnation of Minilik, aka Minilik VII.

Minilik VII: Abiy Ahmed

Abiy Ahmed, the self-proclaimed monarch, Minilik VII is even more dangerous if left unchecked. Abiy possesses all attributes that makes him a cold-blooded, cruel ruler. His insatiable ambitions to stage his own persona, excessive obsession to elevate himself at home and abroad at any cost, and a manipulator of history to assert his personal ego.

Abiy Ahmed’s social engineering remind us of Adolf Hitler. Hitler’s mental creation of humans corresponds to the Aryan race: Blue eyes, blond hair and tall. Ironically, Hitler meets none of those criteria. This is the makeup of personality disorder driven by inferiority complex and crude hate.

The underlying reason why Abiy hates Oromo so much that he is determined to dismember our social fabric is not quite clear. Yet, his resolve to destroy Oromo Nationhood is crystal clear. Like that of Hitler, Abiy has created a singular image – fitting the Amaaraa template – that the peoples in the Ethiopian empire have to assume based on the same assimilationist ideology generated by Minilik II and carried on by neo-Nafxanya.

Abiy’s Cheat-Sheet: “Itophiyaa attifersim”

Abiy doesn’t seem to be a man of principle or conviction who believes in a given truth or certain school of thought: Ideology. Being a cunning Machiavellian manipulator, he is simply taping into group emotions and exploiting them for his own personal ego. For Abiy, power is alpha & omega therefore, usurping and maintaining it by all means necessary is justified. To this end, Abiy has found out that he can rally the neo-Nafxanya blindfolded with hate and disdain for the rest, by simply echoing what they want to hear: “Ethiopia atifersim!”, an empty slogan.

Abiy lacks Moral Compass:

In his cohabitation and collaboration with neo-Nafxanyaa geared towards annihilating Oromo, Abiy not only deserted the Oromo camp he claims to belong to; he turned against QARREE & QEERROO, the very force that liberated him from TPLF slavery, saved his life at their peril when assassination was attempted against him, and brought him to a world stage.

Abiy – The existential danger for the existence of the Oromo Nation:

Abiy poses the primary danger for Oromo Nationhood. He is determined to establish a unitary Ethiopia in the mold of Minilik II, which necessitates the abolition of other identities including Oromo. He commands state machinery and resources. He has organized, armed and unleashed neo-Nafxanya forces against Oromo. Abiy’s agenda is dangerous for Oromo and the likes. If it is let to succeed, the destruction of Oromiyaa becomes imminent.

It is up to us:

People determine the course of their history. We are the masters of our destiny, whatever the challenge. Overcoming the challenge begins with understanding its nature and magnitude: Breadth and depth. We are faced with serious threats and enormous obstacles which demand our collective resolve and effort. The last few years have demonstrated what we can accomplish when we act as a nation. That collective effort has to be refreshed and further strengthened. We have to stand united in purpose and stay the course.

Victory is certain! 


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