Abyssinian War on Oromo Nationalism USING THE SAME OLD METHOD

By Abbaa Ormaa (PhD), October 11, 2018

Oromo-phobic leading group

Abyssinian Target: Oromo Nationalism

Method: Manufacture crises, then accuse and criminalize, then incarcerate, kill, and exile.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”  Thomas Jefferson

Oromo, don’t be fooled. What is going on is a coordinated attack campaign on Oromo Nationalism. Nothing more, nothing less. They have been doing it for more than a century using the same more than a century old tactics. The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) is their main target because it is the manifestation and symbol of Oromo Nationalism. Even if OLF gives up the last bullet in its magazine, their next ask will be to ban the OLF. That is what is going on openly. They are trying to intimidate Dr. Abiy’s government to push for the ban of the OLF.  They wish to see Dawud Ibsa in handcuffs.

It is a long standing policy of Abyssinian elites to disfranchise the Oromo people at any cost to appropriate Oromo land for themselves and preserve their cultural and economic dominance. Abyssinians in the past targeted Oromo institutions and succeeded in destroying them. Those who survived are still under their attack. Macha and Tulama Self-Help Association (MTA) and the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) are living examples. TPLF abducted Dabasa Guyo Saffaro from Nairobi, Kenya not because he has a single bullet but because he is an Oromo Gadaa historian.

The Oromo Liberation Front has been under siege by the Abyssinians elites and their Medias from the day it was formed. It started with the Macha and Tulama Self-Help Association and continued to date.  The Abyssinians have been using the same tactics to discredit and criminalize Oromo organizations and then arrest, kill, and exile its leaders. Menelik massacred more than six million Oromo in his campaign of conquest. Prominent Oromo and community leaders were his primary targets. Menelik killed leaders of Galaan, Abichu, and Ekkaa after conquering Finfinnee by hanging them in public to the cheering of his crowd. The Emperor’s security personnel bombed a cinema in Finfinnee and accused the MTA and punished many of its leaders by death penalty. TPLF manufactured massacres at Bedeno, Arbagugu, and many other places and accused the OLF and used that as a pretext to murdered more than 40,000 Oromos including children and women; and now the Menelik’s of our time repeating the same drama in Burayu, Benishangul, even they are going as far as borrowing fake videos from other countries troubled past.

The good news is Oromo Nationalism is the strongest ever has been fueled by the Qubee generation –Qeerroo/Qarree under the leadership of the Oromo Liberation Front. The genie is out of the bottle! If 1991/1992 will be remembered as the birth of a new generation of Oromo Nationalists that is changing the face of the horn of Africa.

Oromo, we have traveled long road and paid the blood of generations and treasure along the way to let it slip back. Remember the famous quote by American Thomas Jefferson:

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

If the uproar is truly about arms, disarming everyone across the board from parties, liberation fronts and Gobez Aleqas. Ginbot 7, Arbengoch Ginbar, TPLF, Afar, Ogaden Somali, and OLF. Small, large, and in between, only a duel elected government of the people by the people command an army. The Oromo people must reject unilaterally disarmament to turn them into a sitting duck for their enemy.

The real threat to peace and the ongoing reform comes from the TPLF dug in Tigray and turning Tigray into the Sicily of Ethiopia and freelancing and financing ethnic clashes and chaos, not the OLF and the Oromo people.

We should not forget that


In 1991/1992 the Oromo Liberation Front agreed to encamp more than 20,000 soldiers in good faith.  What followed then is still fresh in every Oromo mind.


The children and grandchildren of Nadhi Gamada (disappeared 1994), Dabasa Guyo (abducted from Kenya 2015), Yosef Bati (abducted 1992), Mitiku Wadajo (abducted 1994), Temesgen Adaba (abducted 1995 from Finfinnee), Dereje Deme (abducted 1995), Jiregna Ayana (artist, abducted 1995 from Finfinnee), Basha Hussein (dancer, abducted 1999 from Finfinnee) what happened to their loved ones in the hands of his former bosses. Thousands of Oromos are still crying for an answer.

It is time for Dr. Abiy’s government to bring charges against those who financed and organized the Burayu massacre, Benishangul, Chinaqsen, the looting, vandalizing of schools and business bearing Oromo names in Finfinnee, and bring closure to the families of the victims in the hands of his former bosses. Some in Dr. Abiy’s administration are releasing incomplete charges intentionally for cheap political gain at the expense of the Oromo people fueling Oromo phobia.

Horaa Bulaa!

Galiin Keessan TOKKUMMAA haa ta’u!

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  1. Oromo owns all part of the country of Ethiopia. Africa is all dark (Cushitic), the Arab looking Amara and Tigre (Semitic) are middle eastern (Ahmed Gragn’s) and European colonizers. One city at a time we Oromos are ready to claim back all of Ethiopia. We Oromos lived in East Africa including in Ethiopia for millions of years while Amhara and Tigre’s from Yemen lived in Ethiopia only for thousands of years. It is time for us to be treated as the owners, while the nomadic colonizers semetics (Amaras and Tigres) rip what they got coming.


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