Assistant Secretary Tibor Nagy Travels to Central and East Africa

Assistant Secretary Tibor Nagy Travels to Central and East Africa

(US Department of State) — US Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Tibor Nagy is set to arrive Addis Ababa, Ethiopia this week for an official visit which includes other African countries.

In addition to Ethiopia, Assistant Secretary Tibor Nagy will also visit Kenya, South Sudan, Sudan, the Central African Republic from January 15-29, 2020, according to the statement from African Regional Media Hub of the U.S. State Department.

“He will meet with senior government officials, international partners, civil society representatives, faculty and students of local universities, and alumni of Department of State public diplomacy exchange program,” the statement said.

“His visit will emphasize the importance of promoting good governance and strong democratic institutions, advancing regional peace and security, combating corruption, and forging stronger trade and investment ties. He will also meet with government officials and partners in France to strengthen regional cooperation,” the statement indicated.

The Assistant Secretary’s trip will highlight America’s commitment to engage Africa’s youth, according to the statement.

“He will promote the University Partnerships Initiative, a new program designed to strengthen ties and encourage collaboration between U.S. and African universities. His visit will also highlight the 10th anniversary of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), a program that engages the next generation of leaders on the continent by facilitating connections with their peers in the United States and across Africa,” it said.


Ambassador Nagy, a retired career Foreign Service Officer, spent 32 years in government service, including over 20 years in assignments across Africa. He served as the United States Ambassador to Ethiopia (1999-2002), United States Ambassador to Guinea (1996-1999) as well as the Deputy Chief of Mission in Nigeria (1993-1995), Cameroon (1990-1993), and Togo (1987-1990). Previous assignments include Zambia, the Seychelles, Ethiopia, and Washington, DC.

Ambassador Nagy has received numerous awards from the U.S. Department of State in recognition of his service, including commendations for helping prevent famine in Ethiopia; supporting the evacuation of Americans from Sierra Leone during a violent insurrection; supporting efforts to end the Ethiopian-Eritrean War; and managing the United States Embassy in Lagos, Nigeria during political and economic crises.

Following his retirement from the Foreign Service, Ambassador Nagy served as Vice Provost for International Affairs at Texas Tech University from 2003 – 2018. During that time he lectured nationally on Africa, foreign policy, international development, and U.S. diplomacy, in addition to serving as a regular op-ed contributor to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal newspaper on global events. He co-authored “Kiss Your Latte Goodbye: Managing Overseas Operations,” nonfiction winner of the 2014 Paris Book Festival.

Ambassador Nagy arrived in the United States in 1957 as a political refugee from Hungary; he received his B.A. from Texas Tech University and M.S.A. from George Washington University.

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  1. I hope the Ethiopian Federal Police at the Bole Addis Ababa Intl. Airport does not steal Mr. Nagy’s welcoming party’s flags.

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