Back to Square One. Former Derg Officials Back to their Advising Positions under PM Abiy

By Rundassa Eshete, January 10, 2019

Shimelis Mazengia, Mengistu’s speech writer and credited with invention many Amharic versions of Marxist terminology

Colonel Abiy Ahmed’s ideals are rooted in a political theory that everyone who lives in empire Ethiopia must follow a single ideology of “Ethiopianism.” But the way he talked about human freedom made him look and sound honest, truthful and benevolent and confused the Oromo people. In other words, by acting as good, loving and virtuous person, Abiy became praiseworthy for a while. The way he explained his mother’s prophecy that he would occupy Minilik’s throne when he grows up, his Churchish Medemer slogan, his fantasies and his ability to eloquently express his ideals produced a hyped up enthusiasm in a country that was suffocated by minority Tigre rule for 27 years. But the return of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) overshadowed his popularity and evoked in him sense of hatred and resentment against the OLF.

Former President Mengistu Hailemariam’s most trusted confidant, Dr Kassa Kebede, accepted PM Abiy’s invitation and has returned to Addis Ababa after 27 years in exile. His arrival at the Bole Airport sent another shock-wave through Ethiopia’s current political landscape.

Consequently, the old-fashioned Amharic speaking refugees returned to Finfinnee carrying old advises full of violence and subsequent aggression. Goshu Walde, Kasa Kebede, Shimalis Mazengia, Lenco Lata, Dima Nogo, Dawit W. Giworgise and many former Derg officials soon stimulated Abiy with Mangistu H. Mariam’s violent behavior.

Returning home just in time, the Nafxanya’s who had long ago lost hope on the revival of the typical Ethiopia they’ve always envisioned, they helped Abiy to flash on the relevance of their empire and made him a warrior with Minilik soul. As a result, the story of Oromos arms and breasts that were cut off by Minilik became irrelevant and slitting the throat of the OLF army became very important task for him because he was advised to eliminate anyone who challenges his chance to remain in Minilik’s palace. The appointment of women to ministerial positions was part of this political calculous as well. Women are less corrupt and less challenging.

Dawit Woldegorgis was the Relief and Rehabilitation Commissioner in the Government of Lieut. Col. Mengistu Haile Mariam

Of course, taking swift action against the Oromo Liberation Army is part of the process of eliminating challenges before the election takes place but OLA end up fighting back with unbounded heroism. Frustrated by inability to crash the OLF army as planned, a seemingly logical and compassionate Abiy started to resemble king Minilik. He also flew to Ambo and promised to develop the city, of course, people have to promise not to protest against the killing, jailing, raping and torturing of hundreds of Oromians in Borana, Gujii, central, southern and western Oromia.

What is most interesting here is that, at the start of Abiy and Lamma’s rise to power, they looked remarkably an Oromo. They often said that their Bosses are not Amharic speaking people, nor the TPLF who manufactured them, but only the Oromo people.

Colonel Goshu Wolde waxs a former Ethiopian Foreign Minister and worked as minister of education, of Ethiopia from 1983 to 1986

Seeing these men put out over-the-top acting and playing everyone while practicing coldblooded killing, one can only say that Abiy’s political drama has been lyrical as much it is brutal. No one ever thought that Abiy and Lamma would orchestrate coups d’état against the TPLF and then send thousands of soldiers to Borana/Gujii, Bale, west and central Oromia, order them to rain bullets on the Oromo people. No one ever suspected that they would quietly watch when the Shanqilla’s arrows run through the bodies of little children and Oromo women not to mention the millions of Oromians who were evicted out of Jijiga, Moyale, Elkarre and from parts of Bale.

Surely, it’s no coincidence that Abiy became the empire’s leader. The TPLF and the Nafxanyas knew that Abiy considers Oromians cry for Freedom a silly proposition.

Well, Abiy’s ambitious political gamble has payed off so far and even produced exhilarating new-fashioned epic in the hearts of the old fashioned Nafxanyas but his betrayal will result in a bloody violence some day soon.

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  1. Oromo ka’ii iyyii iyyaa dabarsa! USA Dr Abiy maqa Oromotiin nagadee! Sin Aduu! Military junta guy hinbasnee. Karatii dabii’i.
    Jarattiin sigorsituu qileetii siigalcha jirtii. Yoo offii jettee damaqii samuukeen tajajilii. Jarreen koosi kanaa ofira arii motuma darbeefiyu hintane isan!
    Yoo kana hingonee qabsoon Oromo ittii fufa. Attis akuma jarreen darbee tata. ‘Yaa sogida yoo ofii jettee minya’ii kana’achii dhagdha jedhanii sigatuu’ jedha Oromon yomuu mamakuu.

  2. What did we expect when Abiy praised in his interview on the very 1st day of his inauguration? Or when “Ethiopiawinet Sus naw” has been the motto of Lamma? Are we so gullible, or were we victims of too much media pomp?

    We think that we Oromos are Safuu-respecting, inheriters of Gadaa democratic tradition and brave and ardent nationalists. The reality is that most of us, especially the elites and the middle class are gullible, short-sighted egoists, who mistrust each other and who sell their souls and their people for crumbs offered by the Habesha ruling circle. That is why revolutions started by the blood and bones of the Oromo mass and few true Heroes and Heroines were times again hijacked and foiled by cunning Habesha elites. Minilik had Gobana, H/S had Qusee Dinagde, Jagama Keeloo and many others; Derg had Dabala Dhinsa & co; TPLF had/has Abba Duulaa, Nagaasoo, Lamma and Abiy, and the many others queuing up to recieve leftovers from TPLF/EPRDF’s spoils from Oromia! Whom are we going to blame then?? In other words, do we deserve freedom, when so many of us prefer servitude under Habesha hegemony?

    Sorry for the harsh words!


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