The Campaign on Oromo People is Campaign on Federalism: The Wish to Re-establish Assimilative Governance


The Campaign on Oromo People is Campaign on Federalism: The Wish to Re-establish Assimilative Governance

By Tola Jilo, September 27, 2018

The anti-Oromo political organizations and their media ESAT attempted to repeat the 1990s drama by TPLF (victim-blaming) labeling Qeerroo as perpetrator of the Buraayyuu conflict and as responsible for the lost life.

Ethnic federalism promised in Ethiopia’s long history, to respect the country’s cultural diversity, and give meaningful autonomy to its different ethnic groups.  The constitution was adopted in 1990s that divided Ethiopia into regions drawn roughly along ethnic lines. However, the recent week conflicts instigated by anti-Oromo groups/political organizations and ESAT were antithetical to this notion.

The recent week political drama reminds us the 1990s orchestrated drama –  the murdering and damping of a number of Oromo people and people of other ethnic origins in Harar and Iluu Abbaa-Boora, Oromia and accused of OLF as perpetrator.  However, the recent week circumstance in Finfine and Buraayyuu area was a public secrete. It happened to OLF supporters in day light.  OLF supporters were beaten up, hit by rock, stabbed and killed, Oromia flag taken down and put on fire, Oromo institutions shattered, and many Qeerroo who were coming from the surrounding villages were stopped from entering Finfine.  Buraayyuu hospital doctors and nurses reported to various independent media that a number of Oromo youth were treated for injuries as well as they reported fatalities. However, ESAT reported the opposite. The people who were abused as they enter Finfine were Qeerroo. The causalities reported from Buraayyuu hospital were Qeerro.  ESAT never reported the abuse to Qeerroo or the killing of as young as six years old Oromo child.  Clearly and evidently ESAT is biased and unprofessional the way they reported unsubstantiated information.  ESAT reported “genocide” for less than 20 fatalities of multiethnic groups in Buraayyuu area but unfortunately they never reported when millions of Oromo displaced and thousands massacred in East Oromia.

I thought whether this was the second round of 1990s where Oromo people were killed by TPLF and damped by TPLF and blamed on Oromo Liberation Front. The anti-Oromo political organizations and their media ESAT attempted to repeat the 1990s drama (victim-blaming) labeling Qeerroo as perpetrator of the Buraayyuu conflict and as responsible for the lost life. They created chaos and instigated killings to justify that ethnic federalism didn’t work so that anti-Oromo and anti-federalism groups emerge as alternative option.  Unfortunately this time Qeerroo is a new generation with a different mental-model, and anti-Oromo groups cannot repeat the old drama (the 1990s drama).

In the 1990s Oromo was not as self aware as today.  Thanks to OLF – although they withdrew from the charter, but they planted history in the mind of the Qube generation “Qeerroo” the generation that is equipped with discipline, ethics, history, self-awareness,  and strategy. At the time (1990s) TPLF was too cleaver to lie, misinform, and mislead the Western for political and diplomatic gain.  However, in this era planning chaos for political gain is a weak tactic.  ESAT eventually had  tried to come-up with a different tactics including name change for Finfine “Adisabe” as a new and independent of Oromia. To succeed with their notion they tried to cause chaos and use the old tactic to assist anti-Oromo political groups to emerge as an option.

It was in June 1992 that the Oromo Liberation Front withdrew from the charter. Prior to its withdrawal, OLF actively participated or led with the establishment of the Transitional Government of Ethiopia, and as stakeholder with adapting of the national charter. However OLF declared its withdrawal from the transitional government due to various political pressures.  One of the major reason for its withdrawal was the mass murder orchestrated by TPLF and tagged to OLF as a perpetrator/executor.  Then the media that was controlled by TPLF portrayed the graphic videos of the remains of a number of people killed and damped in a cave and blamed on OLF.  At the time – the drama, the orchestration, and media hype had worked very well for the TPLF to smear OLF as “man slaughter”. Oromo people and OLF were patient to wait for the truth to reveal one day.  Oromo believes in “Waaqaa” God, and we stretched our hand and prayed to Him to reveal the truth and to liberate our people. Since then OLF engaged in armed struggle until September 15, 2018, the day it returned home.  In fact the truth about the TPLF drama was revealed twenty five years later.  TPLF had killed hundreds of Oromo people and other ethnic groups, damped them in a cave, video recorded their remains, and held responsible OLF as executor.  It was a political game to remove OLF of the playground. But, the truth always reveals; OLF is back to its homeland  and TPLF in political crisis and distrusted by all people in this nation.

This time Qeerroo and the Oromo people is vigilant about the strategies used in the past and the efforts they make to repeat the old tactics.

Finfine is Oromo land and the heart of Oromia!



  1. Well, Tola Jilo. The enemies of the Great Oromo People have been always inferior in terms of playing genuine political games based on the principle of ‘win-win’. Consequently, they have always chosen to employ manipulative and cruel tactics in order to defame, destruct and exploit human and material resources of this genuinely civilized nation. They adopted ‘zero-sum’ politics and effectivrly maintained themselves on the shoulders of our people and other nation nationslties in that country. The qeerro and qarre in particular and other stakeholders in general must keep their eyes on the ball. Never sleep, there are always plotting disguised wolves in the Ethiopian affairs. Media such as ESAT are their unprofessional and unethical arms used to mask their motives and true colours. The Ethiopian government must thoroughly investigate the plot and bring to justice those who were behind the crime as well as those who carried out the criminal acts. They should never get away with it.

    Be ware, guard your gains and march towards realising the greater freedom we deserve.

    May truth prevail!

  2. October 2, 2018
    Abbaan odeessitu haa odeessitu kaayyoo ofiin of bulchuu fi Toophiyaa waliin bulchuu irraa duubatti hinjennu. Waantota kana gadii irratti jara waliin marii taa’uu hinbarbaachisu:

    1. ofiin of bulchuu (federalism)
    2. Finfinneen handhuura Oromiyaa/magaala guddoo oromiyaa/ta’uu
    3. Afaan Oromoo afaan barnootaa fi afaan hojii biyyoolessaa ta’uu

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