Former prisoner of Conscience, now breast feeder, imprisoned again

The regime of Abiy Ahmed arrests a breast feeder

PM Abiy’s war on Oromo, specially in Wallaga and Gujii zones, has intensified with a toll. The brutal regime of the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize winner is determined to destroy the Oromo people and their land. The military kills, wounds and arrests any one on its way. It burns crops and vegetation to expose the population to starvation and famine. It poisons water and denies safe drinking water for animals and human. Yesterday, alone about 89 civilians got killed in Wallaga zone. Over 200,000 civilians fled to neighboring regions (Gambella and Gumuz) to save their lives from the air strikes, but most of them were forced back to their places.

The Abiy regime disconnected any communication including phone lines to Wallaga, Guji, West Showa regions of Oromia almost about 2 weeks ago. The information about the regime’s military genocide can only be obtained from eye-witnesses who travel from the region. A 79-year man who took a picture of dead civilians (see below) with his cellphone was hunted down and killed.

ጅምላ ግድያውን በፎቶ ያጋለጠው ተገደለ
ወለጋ 79 ንፁሀን ላይ ትላንት (January 25, 2020) የተፈፀመውን የጅምላ ግድያ በፎቶ ለህዝብ ያጋለጠው ኤሊያስ ሂርፖ ከወለጋ ሸሽቶ ሲወጣ አሶሳ መግቢያ በር ላይ ተገሏል ::

At the same time the Abiy regime arrests any one who voices against the war. Chaltu Takele, a former prisoner on conscience, was rearrested yesterday. Chaltu is a breast feeder of a baby. Who is Chaltu? Continue reading.

Background of Chaltu Takele

(Advocacy4Oromia, 3 Sept 2017) Chaltu Takele, a second year sociology student in Addis Ababa University was arrested in May 2008. She was arrested suspected of being member of OLF.

After several months of incarceration at the notorious Federal Police Commission Crime and Forensic Investigation Center or Maekelawi, she was sentenced and transferred to Kaliti. She was convicted to 12 years of imprisonment and spent Eight years and one month in Kaliti.

While she was in Kaliti she graduated in Management by following her education in distance program from private College. Studying in prison is a rare case for most Oromo prisoners. Chaltu struggled to get permission to study. She fought hard to convince Kaliti prison officials and finally won the chance to study.

After Eight years and one months of harassment in Maekelawi and Kaliti, she was released in 2016. But, she remained under constant security surveillance. Her ambitions were to start her peaceful life by getting job in Finfine or elsewhere in Oromiya. She wanted to help her family.

In March 2017, after months of her release from prison, we heard the news that Chaltu was abducted in Finfinne and taken to Maekelawi alongside with two of her friends. She is still in Maelawi.

Chaltu’s history is typical example of Oromo women scarification for freedom.

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