Is it “Wallaggaa” or the “Oromo” who is bleeding?

Is it “Wallaggaa” or the “Oromo” who is bleeding?

By Rundassa Eshete, January 8, 2020

The regime started bombing and poisoning forests from the sky

Since Abiy Ahmed became the prime minister of empire Ethiopia, Oromummaa has faced the problem of survival. Under the TPLF rule, we never called ourselves Wallaggaa or Shawaa… but Oromo.

When Abiy renovated Min-Yilik and Tafari’s statues in Dhakaa Araraa palace, we complained. When he reintroduced the division that was planted by Minilik and Tafarii Mokonon, we quickly echoed Wallagummaa and Shawaa identities. By doing so, we ignored the death of thousands Oromians in Gujii, Booranaa, Waddeessaa, Jalduu, Meettaa and Wallo.

The irony here is; our failure not to recognize the fact that more than Abiy Ahmed’s violent killings and his new puppets labels of WBO as “Shiftaa”, our obsession to fake identities such as “Wallagga, Shawaa….Amboo” posing a serious threat to our existence as Oromo.

Our brains are so crippled to the degree of becoming incapable of stopping calling ourselves with the titles the enemy attached to us: Shawaa… Hamboo..Wallaggaa. For unapparent reason, we promote self alienation and produce anti-Oromo sentiments.

Since Min-Yilik’s conquest of Oromia, the Oromo youth (Qeerroo) succeeded to eliminate Wallaggaa, Shawaa, Harare etc fake identities but Abiy and the OPDO reintroduced these divisive identities by using opportunist singers and hunger cadres.

“ኢትዮጵን ከማንም በላይ እንደሀገር የሚያስቀጥለው አማራው ነው ኢትዮጵያ ከፈረስችም ከማንም በላይ ሚጎዳው አማራው ነው መጪውን ምርጫ በምንም መንገድ የብልፅግና ማሸነፍ የኢትዮጵንም ሆነ የአማራን ህልውና ማስቀጠል ነው”
አብይ አህመድ ለአማራ ብልፅግና አመራሮች ተናገረ ከተባለው

Of course, quit a few individuals have benefited from this; Jawar, Abiy, the OPDO being the first beneficiaries. 86 Qeerroos death ensured Jawar’s survival and Abiy has to kill thousands all over Oromia to secure the continuity of his power.

What needs to be clear here is that chaos and uncertainty reigns all over Oromia, thus, alienating South from West, center from north by simply echoing “Wallaggaa is bleeding” slogan only destroys our relationship by provoking regionalism.

The four years popular protests that swept Oromia succeeded because the Qeerroo untangled us from localism and regionalism. If we want to save ourselves from the repercussions caused by alienation, we must stop calling ourselves Wallagga and Shawaa and fight power brokers together.

let’s echo OROMUMMAA! “the Oromians are bleeding!”

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