By Guddisaa Muleta (PhD), February 16, 2020

Lemma Megersa, Ethiopian Minister of Defense

OPDO: The irredeemable Criminal Gang

The egregious crimes committed by OPDO against our people for over a quarter of a century cuts deep in our collective consciousness. In their bid to serve the enemy and fill their belly and wallets, they committed unforgettable heinous acts against Oromo people.

As a result of the atrocious acts by OPDO cadres, we lost innumerable and irreplaceable heroines and heroes. OPDO cadre’s hands are awash with Oromo blood. Millions of Oromo farmers were removed from their ancestral lands and reduced to homelessness without any subsistence. The lives of this generation are irreversibly affected forever. Despite all that, our people gave OPDO a second chance in order to bring about a social healing.

Adding insult to injury, instead of showing remorse for their past misdeeds, they feel embolden and are continuing perfecting their criminal scheme. The land grab is being intensified and mass incarcerations and extrajudicial killings are rampant.

They have joined the Nafxanya camp – the sworn enemy of Oromo people to destroy Oromummaa: Oromo and Oromiyaa. Dropping the Oromo-prefix, they have demonstrated their lineup and the fronts are clearly marked. There should be no ambiguity or illusion anymore about what OPDO/ODP/Bilxiginnaa stands for.

Lammaa Afaan Dammaa: The long-awaited Messiah missing in action

Lammaa Magarsaa was the singular figure that gave the OPDO the semblance of redemption and credence openly acknowledging their past misdeeds, asking for forgiveness and promising a new direction that prioritizes Oromo National Interest (ONI). Lamma appealed to Oromo inner feelings, sounded genuine and the Oromo people gave him the benefit of the doubt, despite reservations about the OPDO as a whole.

The doubts about Lamma’s delivery of the promises began with his removal from Oromiyaa State Administration. The swift and consequential move taken by Abiy to isolate, frustrate and marginalize the nationalist elements in Oromo body politics included Obboo Lammaa Magarsaa.

Some hoped that Obboo Lammaa’s new position can help him garner more influence by virtue of his authority, disregarding Abiy’s machinations. The long-awaited Messiah doesn’t seem to show up at all, himself trapped in unknown condition. Let alone rescuing the nation, his own wellbeing is questionable. Oromiyaa being bombed ruthlessly by Federal Forces while Obboo Lamma Magarsaa is at the helm of the Defense Ministry is quite puzzling. If the Messiah doesn’t show up when he is needed the most, his position becomes questionable.

Victims of Abiy’s intrigue – Obboo Lamma and Oromo National Interest:

What Obboo Lammaa is currently up to isn’t clear. The status of Oromo National Interest is however obvious. The Oromo Nation is under the existential threat posed by Abiy and Nafxanyaa. Waiting for the Messiah seems no more feasible. We have to chart an alternative pathway to achieve our cherished goal: Bilisummaa. The next frontier must be pressurizing GAMTAA – The coalition of ABO, KFO & PBO to live up to their National Duties. Any of them renegading on Oromo National Interest must be punishable by VOTES.


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