OBS Jaalala Dhokataa – Diramaa Afaan Oromoo, Kutaa 1 – 11 – Enjoy


OBS Jaalala Dhokataa – Diramaa Afaan Oromoo

Kutaa 1ffaa

OBS Jaalala Dhokataa – Kutaa 2ffaa

OBS Jaalala Dhokataa – Kutaa 3ffaa

OBS Jaalala Dhokataa – Kutaa 4ffaa

OBS Jaalala Dhokataa – Kutaa 5ffaa

OBS Jaalala Dhokataa – Kutaa 6ffaa

OBS Jaalala Dhokataa – Kutaa 7ffaa

OBS Jaalala Dhokataa – Kutaa 8ffaa

OBS Jaalala Dhokataa – Kutaa 9ffaa

OBS Jaalala Dhokataa – Kutaa 10ffaa

OBS Jaalala Dhokataa – Kutaa 11ffaa


  1. Meles Zenawi didn’t come up with this biased statehood awarding system with few ethnic groups being awarded their own states while many other ethnic groups not having their own states they administer , this.was done by the then PM Tamrat Layne .

    Even Abiy Ahmed’s administration currently resembles the former PM Tamrat Layne’s administration in many ways since Abiy’s tendency to allow terrorism to flourish in Ethiopia is because of Abiy”s experience at an early age living under Tamrat Layne’s reign of terror, with no real accusations of terrorism going towards the former Prime Minister Tamrat Layne from human rights defenders until now.
    In the early half of 1990s the Ethiopian soldiers who were murdering innocent people for the simplest reasons with no questions asked. Since there was no anti terrorism law then the soldiers just did what the former PM Tamrat Layne reign of terror required them to do, by terrorizing the public until 1995, all that stopped when the Amara terrorist former PM Tamrat Layne was imprisoned . It is the Amara the then PM Tamrat Layne you need to sue for terrorism not Getachew Assefa and Meles Zenawi . The brave tplfs Meles and Getachew Assefa are the heroes that liberated Ethiopians from Tamrat Layne’s reign of terror.
    Also the Universiry terrors we see now in Ethiopia are the direct results of the then PM Tamrat Layne’s decision to fire the then University professors from their jobs in the early 1990s while he was in power.


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