Odeeffannoo Ammee: Dictaator Abiy hardha kan muddate

Via Aneysoo Barii

Wanta hin eegamne!

Oolma Masaraa har’a waldhaansoo fi dhiitichoo kan guutame tahu isaa maddeen adda addaa galgala kana gabasaa arman gadii kana baasa jiru! Guyyaa har’aa Mootummaan Paartiilee morkattoota Masaraatti mariisisaa ooluun isaa midiyaaleen mootummaa gabaasaa turan Gaaffilee jajjaboon wayitawaa akka ka’an odeeffannoo bahe kuni ni agarsisa!

  1. Mootummaan Ajjeechaa Haacaaluu hundeessaa irratti maaliif qindeessa?
  2. Jawar Mohammed, Dr Shigux Galata, Abdi Ragasa, Shamshudin Taha Dabalatee Oromoo Jumlaan Maaliif mana hidhaatti guurtu? Hidhamtoonni siyaasaa hundi Hatattamaan hiikamuu qaban?
  3. Waraanni Eertiraa maaliif masaraa Mootummaa eega kun maal jachuudha?
  4. Biyya kanatti naga buusuuf hidhannoonni hundi hiikamanii Mootummaa waloo (Mootummaa Cee’umsa) hatattamaan
    hunda’uu qaba?
  5. Fuulbana booda Mootummaan wanti jadhamu goongumaa hin jiru kan Abiyyi Atiis hubachuu qabda?
  6. OMN maaliif Cufama? Qabeenyi OMN maaliif Mootummaa saamama? kan jedhu dhaabbilee morkattoota irraa gaafataman odeeffannoo miliqee bahe ni muldhisa!

Note: The following is a censored (the above mentioned questions were removed) [where are known people like Dr. Merera, Petros, etc.?]. Speeches included in the media are only those of friendly party members  to the PM (surrogate parties)

Dr. Merera was talking in the picture, but his speech was removed from media


Leaked Abiy’s plan for election 2021

  1. Lencho Leta, Gelasa, Aba Naga et al will join Ararso’s group and take over OLF with its legal identity in Ethiopia and join “election” 2021. This group will be awarded few seats in both Chafe Oromia and parliament and will act as opposition group.
  2. Jawar, Bekele Gerba and prominent OLF leadership will not be free until “election” 2021
  3. Abiy will conduct “election” in 2021 and make himself “legitimate” leader of the country. PP will win overwhelming majority in both regional and federal parliament.
  4. TPLF will soon conduct regional election by next month and increases its bargaining capacity
  5. The pseudo unitary camp will continue to enjoy empty hope for power. Ezema may enjoy few leftovers like Ararso’s group. But they will continue to enjoy cultural and psychological upper hand like the past two years.
  6. Obbo Dawid will continue to be under house arrest. If he resists hard, they will accuse him of having contact with OLA and imprison him. Currently PP is giving two bad options for Obbo Dawid. Supporting PP that means denouncing OLA or losing the name OLF from electoral board of Ethiopia.

It’s only strength of Oromo resistance that can change this political equation.

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