Oduu gara garaa – Adooleessa 7, 2020


Oduu gara garaa – Adooleessa 7, 2020

Connecting the Dots – unwrapping packages of events right after Hachalu’s Political Assasination:-

-successful disarming of Jawar’s securities.
-arbitrary mass arrests, -State of Emergency
-High profile Opposition Political Leadership Detentions, shutting down OMN & detaining all its staff, confiscating all its belongings,

-indiscriminate killings, Beatings, demonizing
-Massive MassMedia propoganda campaign
-Internet and Telecommunication blockages
-PM in Military Uniform -threatening people…
-confusing the public with conflicting conspiracies,

Undermining public IQs, all of the above didn’t happen by chance rather by sophisticated and thoughtful designs.

Therefore, we shouldn’t be confused with multiple allegations and conspiracies. #JusticeforHachalu #OROMOPROTESTS2020


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