ONN: Qophii Addaa: waarii Aadaa ilaalchisee qophaa’e. Artist Galaanaa Gaaromsaa fi Itt


ONN: Qophii Addaa: waarii Aadaa ilaalchisee qophaa’e. Artist Galaanaa Gaaromsaa fi Ittiqa Tafari


  1. The fall of the Arsi Empire marked a turning point in Abyssinia’s southern conquest. Although Menelik’s imperial army faced furious resistance at Cali Calanqo, in Eastern Oromia, by that time, a vast swath of the Oromo country was already annexed.

    The Aanolee memorial was constructed with a cost of 20 million birr, according to the Oromo Culture of remembering. The monument stands erect as a reminder of the tragedy about which, in the words of Gnamo, “Ethiopian history was largely silent.” Even today, some hateful Ethiopians, akin to holocaust deniers, claim the incident was a fiction. Aanolee stubbornly stands to remind Ethiopians , who refuse to deal with mounting Oromo grievances, that the Oromo issue remains an open wound, a latent volcano — with only the day and time of its eruption uncertain.

    The local Abbaa Gadaas, the highest-ranking Arsi officials, including those in line to take the reign of power, were castrated. Menelik’s soldiers cut the tongues of those who spoke out against Abyssinian invasion. They went door to door collecting cultural artifacts, including Boku, Caaccuu, waraana, wonte, Siinqee and other relics. In a bid meant to destroy and remove Oromo culture from the people’s psyche, the artifacts were torched. It burned for eight straight days, according to descendants of the survivors.

    Arsi oral historiography is replete with the story of the tragedy of the cold-blooded massacre at Aanolee. Told and retold by grandmothers and grandfathers for generations since, Aanolee served to this day as a symbol of Oromo resistance against Abyssinian expansion and its continuing legacy of subjugation. The Arsi saga of the 1880s gave birth to two stories — that of Aanolee and Lenjisoo Diigaa. According to Gnamo, Leenjiso was instrumental in organizing the Arsi resistance against Menelik’s invading army.

    Among the Arsi, mention the word Aanolee and the blood of the Arsi boils and its trauma curdles into a rock of determination to see to it that justice is restored. Talk about the bravery of Lenjisoo and the knowledge of the massacre of Aanolee becomes a clarion call for spirited action against injustice and the willingness to pay whatever cost is necessary to re-empower the Oromo and relive the glory of its past patriotism and bravery by liberating Finfinee from the settlers choke hold firm grip.

    Finfinee will be the final stamp to ensure where the Amara hegemony ended. All we patiently are waiting for is for the trees we planted to grow since we donot want to have the trees trampled upon by the settlers donkeys, the settlers will for sure not face us Oromos but will for sure will resort to move out carrying their trashes, the settlers always do run away when we face them, only less than a handful of us chased their “Heroes” (BALADERAS) out of their own gathering meetings time and time again . It is known we are capable to clean out Finfinnee in no time as we cleaned their beggars out of Finfinee in less than a week with not a single resistance directed at us from the settlers.


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