Oromo Mothers Call for Worldwide Protest

To Stop Atrocities Committed Against Oromo Civilians By The Ethiopian Government:

Date: 13th February 2020
Venue: London, 10 Dawning Street
Time:  10:30 AM – 4:00 PM

blankIn the last twelve months alone,the Oromo people in Western and Southern and South Eastern Oromia regions are under siege where hundreds of people have been killed in a state of emergency that is not publically declared by the Ethiopian parliament. The Ethiopian army has been killing unarmed civilians: children, the elderly and mothers. Oromo university students have been killed. Schools are occupied by government armed forces. The situation is dire,getting from bad to worst. Our peaceful plea to the Ethiopian authorities to lift the state of emergency and stop killings of civilians is ignored.

Thus, this Worldwide Protest is organized to protest and once again request the government stop these acts, and to request International organizations and countries to exert pressure on Ethiopian government to stop these atrocities.

We call upon all Oromo communities and friends of Oromo in North America, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Australia and Africa to come together in this Worldwide Protest on Thursday 13th of February 2020.

Justice Shall Prevail !
The Concerned Oromo in Diaspora in collaboration with
Oromo Women’s Association UK (OWA UK)

Waamicha Hirira Addunyaa Hadhoti Oromo, Mormi Ajjechaa Motummaan Itophiyaa Oromo Irraan gahaa Jiru Ilaalchisee:

Guyaa: Guraandhala 13,2020
Bakka: London, 10 Dawning Street
Saa’ti : wd10:30-wb4:00

blankJi’ota 12n darban qofa, ummatni Oromo Oromiyaa lixaa, Kibbaa fi kibba-bahaa kiyyo guddaa kessa jiru. Sababa haala yeroo muddamaa jedhamun Ummatni dhibbantaan lakawaman ajjefamaniru. Yeroo muddamaa kan jedhamu kun paarlaamaa biyyatitin kan aggasasifame miti, seeraan ala. Hidhattotni mootummaa Itophiyaa nama hin hidhatin, daa’imman, jaarsolii fi haadholi qabani ajjesaa jiru.Mannen barumsaa hidhattota mootummatin gutamani jiru. Haallisaa sodaachisaa taee, gara hamaa isa caalutti ademaa jira. Gaaffi nuti mottumman Itophiyaa labsi yeroo muddamaa kanaa fi ajjechaa akka dhaabu
nagaadhaan gaafanne fudhatama hin arganne.

Kanaaf, hirirri mormi addunyaa kun gochaa kana mormudhaaf, akkasumas ammas irra debine gochawwan kun akka dhaabbatuf mootummaasana gaafachu fi, dhaabbileen addunyaa fi biyyolen addunya mootummaan kun ajjechaa kana akka dhaabu dhibbaa barabaachisaa tae mootummaa Itophiyaa irra akka ka’an gaafachudhaaf.

Hawaasa Oromo fi dhibantota Oromo biyya Ameerikaa Kaaba, Kaanaada, Awurophaa, Giddugalessa bahaa, Awustiraliyaa fi Afirikaa bakka jiranitti Guraandhala 13, 2020 walitti dhufudhaan hirira mormi kana irratti akka hirmaatan waamicha lammummaa goona.

Haqni Ni Mo’a !

Oromo biyya Ambaa dhimmi kun Yaaddese fi Waldaa Hadholi Oromo UK (OWA UK)

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  1. Thank you Oromo women in UK. You have always been on the front line exposing atrocities committed against Oromo people. I appreciate your effort. Proud of Oromtitti. I hope our Oromo men will join you in this endeavor.
    Oromia will be free

  2. Thank you Oromo peace loving women living in UK. The atrocities going on currently is a continuation of what the rulers of the Empire has been and is doing to date. Such atrocities should be stopped by united struggle of all Oromos living all over the world including peaceful demonstrations in Oromia and neibouring countries in Africa.


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