SEPDM’s Chair Mss Mufriat Kamil and the Ethiopian Election Board Chair Bertukan Medekissa With Dozens Hold a Secret Anti-Sidama Meeting in Gion Hotel


SEPDM’s Chair Mss Mufriat Kamil and the Ethiopian Election Board Chair Bertukan Medekissa With Dozens Hold a Secret Anti-Sidama Meeting in Gion Hotel.

via SNLF, August 22, 2019

SEPDM’s chair Mufriat Kamil and the Ethiopian Election board chair Bertukan Medekissa held secret anti-Sidama meeting in Gion hotel with the other over a half dozen SPDM’s old oligarchs. The arrest of one of the Sidama’s politicians, the former Hawassa mayor, Tewodros Gawiwa who has been taken to Hadya zone since the night of 21 August 2019 has been also confirmed.

The Ethiopia’s current government has decided to take perilous decisions in the aspect of nations’ rights to self-determination as the leader sends incoherent messages to the citizens across. The nations’ rights to self-determination are constitutionally guaranteed whose legality is assured. On one hand the regime claims that it is working to assure the respect for the constitution, on another the regime with its unionist associates works day and night to vilify the nations that peacefully demand these rights.

The Sidama nation has been demanding the indicated rights to be respected for decades in general and since July 18, 2018 after its cabinet has unanimously decided for the Sidama to be a regional state in particular. Since July 18, 2018, the Ethiopian government has employed various oppressive measures to block the Sidama’s move using its apparatuses despite PM’s repeated false promises until he has officially declared war on Sidama nation during his July 01, 2019 parliamentary session. When he has declared war on Sidama nation he has likened the Sidama’s case with 27 years unrest in Oagaden Somali and his army’s harsh measures to remedy the situation; therefore his preparedness to repeat the same in Sidama land. As he has threatened, indeed, he has imposed state of emergency in Sidama since July 17, 2019 and begun Sidama terrorising project- to kill over 145 civilians, arrest thousands and assign trained assassins to burn the properties of non-Sidama Ethiopians living in Sidama land to put the blame on Sidama Ejjeetto to have an excuse to arrest them.

As part of their on-going plots; the chair of Southern Ethiopia Peoples Democratic movement (SEPDM), Mss Mufriat Kamil, Ethiopian election board Chair person Mss Bertukan Medekissa said to be plotting against the rights of the Sidama nation in Gion Hotel with various anti-Sidama elements. Few days after threatening to arrest the Sidama’s progressive leaders such as kalaa Million Matewos SNPPRS’s president, PM’s and unionists’ agents Mufriant Kamil and Bertukan Medekisa with various staunch antagonists of Sidama rights to self-determination are strategizing on how to abort the Sidama’s aspiration to the regional self-rule.

The participants of Sidama destabilising secret meeting of August 21, 2019 in Gion hotel include not exclusively-

  1. Mss Mufriat Kamil, SEPDM’s Chair
  2. Mss Bertukan Midekissa, Chair, Ethiopian Election board
  3. Mesele Alemu
  4. Tesfaye Beljigie
  5. Hailemariam Desalegn (former PM- who has ordered Sidama Looqqe massacre on May 24, 2002 and known for his anti-Sidama sentiment -Adviser)
  6. Shiferaw Shigute (Former SENNPRS president and Education Minister and currently ambassador in South Korea known for his anti-Sidama sentiment –Adviser)
  7. Various election board members, SNNPRS’s agents and special strategists putting plan in place on how to sabotage the Sidama’s strides toward a regional statehood.

Furthermore, another groups of plotters led by the SNNPRS’s former commissioner Fiseha Garedew (who has planned and executed Sidama execution operation during June 2018 Fichchee where over 32 Sidama were killed) also planned on how to trap and arrest the Sidama’s progressive leaders including kalaa Million Matewos, Qarree Cawwicha and kalaa Sukare Shuda. The indicated group immediately assigned their Sidama terrorising squad to arrest kalaa Tewodros Gawiwa from his office- to take him to unknown location in an un-plated vehicle. However, finally it has been discovered that he has been taken to a Hadya zone where over 68 Sidama prisoners were involuntarily whisked nearly a week ago. Additionally, the group led by commissioner Tewodros H/Michael has also secretly discussed with the newly installed Sidama zone leader, Desta Ledamo where the participants plotted on the planned further arrest of the Sidama Ejjeetto and the other Sidama personalities whilst moving forward with the planned fake referendum and subsequent sabotage to claim that the Sidama has rejected its rights to a regional self-rule-by choosing unity. The objective of this all saga is the indicated fact- the Sidama nation never allows to materialise.

The Sidama Zone’s newly installed president Desta Ledamo with the moderation of SEPDM has also appointed various officials known for their anti-Sidama sentiment to lead the Sidama nation during such sensitive time in nation’s history. The new appointees and their positions include:

  1. Bekele Tunsisa (Head, Sidama Zone SEPDM office)
  2. Gizachew No’ora (Head, Sidama SEPDM Urban Affairs)
  3. Tamiru Samuel (Head, Trade and Consumer Affairs)
  4. Alemayehu Timotewos (Head, Sidama zone Peace and Security Affairs- Ethnic Wolayta)
  5. Tesfaye Dewisso (Sidama Zone Deputy Chair)

Moreover, the Sidama zone chair, Desta Ledamo earnestly vowed to implement SEPDM’s plan into action in Sidama at the end of their meeting. Unconfirmed report also indicates that, he has also warned the Sidama elders who went to ask him series of Sidama related questions for the first time since he has assumed power -not to ask him about releasing Sidama prisoners and Sidama referendum at the end of their conversation. It is imperative to assert that the Ethiopian government is assuring the practices of the last 28 year returns to Sidama land. The Sidama nation, although terrorised became hardened with difficulties, EPRDF orchestrated poverty, deprivation, imprisonments, tortures and executions thus, never fears death whilst striding toward self-realisation. The Sidama nation asserts its rights by hook or crook; and this must be clear to both our friends and foes!

Therefore, the Sidama nation must consolidate its unity in the face of state-terrorism and treacherous betrayal of his own children who are working to deny nation’s rights to self-determination. We must continue with our struggle in a civilised manner in the face of government’s brutality to our sons and daughters until our rights are honoured. We must show our unity, indefatigability and solidarity as we move in civilised manner in unison until we assert our rights to be regionally self-administrative in order for the nation to lift its downtrodden majority of the Sidama people from abject poverty and deprivation and eventually take our destinations into our hands. We urge the Ethiopian government to unconditionally stop its state-terrorism, release all Sidama prisoners and the fix date for Sidama referendum. We urge all culprits to be brought to justice instead of terrorising peaceful and law abiding Sidama people on its own land!

Stop #State #Terrorism in #Sidama land!
Release all #Sidama #Prisoners!
Fix the date for #Sidama #Referendum!


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