Serious human rights violation in Ethiopia under rule of the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate


Serious human rights violations in Ethiopia under rule of the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate


The regime in Addis Ababa has blocked internet and telephone lines in Wollaga zone of Oromia as of January 3, 2020 in another bid to liquidate the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA). OLA is well engraved, loved, depicted and embedded in the flesh and minds of the Oromo people including this region. It is ironical when the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, PM Abiy Ahmed, turned out to be a warmonger in contrast to the purpose of the Peace Prize.  Instead of encouraging peaceful conflict resolution through negotiations, the Laureate is determined to crush oppositions through military means.

Since Abiy came to power, almost two years ago, Wollaga, Gujji and Borana zones of Oromia have been under the Command Post, which means the reckless regime’s soldiers and the hatemongers are permitted or licensed to rape, kill, torture and abuse women, children, elders and peaceful citizens. Moreover, the soldiers and hatemongers have allowed to burn down ground crops and forests, kill animals and poison the area to deny safe haven for innocent citizens.  They have committed everything they could. The whole purpose of the war is to induce hunger and starvation, so that the people are coerced to subdue to the regime. The regime has done whatever it could to exterminate the people of the three regions, but not succeeded so far.

Ethiopia has lost over fifteen billion dollars on this war, since the Laureate assumed power, April 2018.  Thousand of innocent lives lost, disabled or disappeared after he released political prisoners of his predecessors.  Under the rule of Abiy, families of the killed soldiers still do not know the whereabouts of their sons and daughters. They are still waiting for their safe return home.  It is hard to count how many soldiers are in government isolated centers for disabled and wounded. They are kept away from the families and public, basically they are in prison for doing good work for the regime.  Their life is not better than the dead ones, some who visited some places said.

As his predecessors, the Laureate is committed to rig the upcoming election in May 2020 and one way to do so is clearing up the process for it.  He assumes that OLA is the only challenger which can expose his work, because it has also force. The ramification of this war against OLA will be the dawn of the fall of the Laureate’s regime which also plunges the ailing economy into a deep ditch.

The advisers of the Laureate’s are former advisers of Derg or Mengistu Haile Mariam regime who are now millionaires in the USA. These loser advisers, with bad experience during Derg, are insensitive to the death of the country and its people, because their families, relatives and friends are not in Ethiopia at all. They, themselves, are at a standby to fly out when things get bad and will lose nothing. The people of Ethiopia should open their eyes and understand the work of these archaic advisers  who have surrounded Abiy Ahmed.  No adviser, closer to Abiy, has his or her children in Ethiopia at this time. Their children are in the US, Europe or Asia.

Mootummaan Wallagga Lixaa fi Qellem Wallaggaa irraa quunnamtii bilbilaa fi ‘Internet’ erga kutee guyyootni sadii dabraniiru.

Torban dabre homaa waraana hedduumminaan godinaalee Oromiyaa lixaa kanneenitti fe’uun isaa ni yaadatama.

Har’a(05/01/2020) Magaalaa Naqamtee Ganda Dargee jedhamu keessatti dargaggeessa Oromoo bajaajii ofuudhaan jiraatu, waraanni mootummaa itti dhukaasee ajjeesee jira.
Haalli nageenyaa magaalaan Naqmteen yeroo amma keessa jirtu baa’ee hamaadha


  1. The blockage of Internet and Telephone line should be reported to International community. It is a violation of individual and community right. Such behavior and action should be taken seriously. Where are Human rights group? All Oromos should send an appeal letter to UN Human Rights League. I suggest that OSA and Oromo Community leaders organize and send appeal letters to UN, and other international groups including Nobel Peace awarding committee.


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