Stern warning to Oromo activists, Media and political leaders

Stern warning to Oromo activists, Media and political leaders

By Abbaa Ormaa, September 18, 2018

ESAT Oromo phobia on the streets of Addis Ababa, September 18, 2018

Dear Oromo Activists and Media, you better start taking the bully by the horns!

An attack on Qeerroo is an attack on Oromo Nation!
An attack on Oromo Liberation Army is an attack on all of us!
An attack on our activists is an attack on all of us!
An attack on our political leaders is an attack on all of us!
An attack on Bekele Gerba is an attack on all of us!
An attack on activist Jawar Mohammed is an attack on all of us!
An attack on activist Jawar Mohammed is an attack on democracy!

We have not come this far to squander the blood and bones of our children.

It is not a new thing that Menelik establishments wage war against the peaceful Oromo people in the name of “One flag, One country, One language”.  Their true intent is to keep the Oromo people in the dark and continue their exploitation, economic and cultural domination and eventually turn us into the Native Americans. They have been fabricating falsehoods to paint bad images of the Oromo people in the absence of Oromo voices, Media and Activism. This is why they are waging war on our Media and Activists. What is different now is that they cannot hide their lies and hate toward the Oromo people anymore.  Oromo Media and Oromo Activists better wake up and confront and expose their lies and defamation of Qeerroo and the Oromo National Struggle before it is too late. Their motto always have been Egnaa kelelen ayibkel serddo As an Oromo we don’t have to agree with everything our activists and leaders say and stand for but we must protect their rights like everybody else’s to air their opinions. In the end it is the people who decides the direction of their country and the type of government they want. Personally, I have many differences with Jowar Mohammed and the Oromo Media Network but I want him to have the same rights like those I support. I can go to war to protect his rights to be heard and actively participate in the democratic discourse.

What is happening these days following the home coming of the Oromo Liberation Front leaders and the Oromo Liberation Army by millions of Oromos at the heart of Oromia, Finfinnee is an indication of the hypocrisy of those who cry in the name of change and tolerance. It is shameful.  Mind you early in the week supporters of G7 welcomed their leaders without any interference in Finfinnee. If they did not like what they have to offer to their supporters that is their problem not ours! No single Oromo demonstrated let alone to create havoc and loot business and schools in Finfinnee.

All of a sudden, they recruited their supporters to disrupt and impose their will on the Oromo people and dictate what symbol to use and how many people ought to attend.

It is understandable that they have been lying to their people and making themselves bigger than what they are. They have been constructing myth that they have army and fighting that turned out to be merely 300 soldiers strong that came home with luggage bigger than their height. On the other hand they have been telling their supporters that the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) has no support, Oromo people want “Ethiopia” fiction. Their leaders even told their supporters that OLF does not exist and does not have soldiers and invited their journalists to go to Eritrea and find out for themselves (Andargachew Tsige).  Now that too is put to rest with the show of force and unity by the Oromo people behind the Oromo Liberation Front. They saw all Oromo political organizations, Activists and Media coming out to show their support and respect for the OLF leaders and the Oromo people. The truth came out again and they saw thousands of Oromo Liberation Front Army marching through Mekele and TPLF’s king makers waving OLF flag. The politics of the old empire is shaken from its foundation on September 15, 2018 at Maskal Square in Finfinnee and every towns, villages, and cities in Oromia.  Now the only thing left for them is to resort to violence and they did. In my friend’s language, their diminishing return politics seems heading south for them. They are desperately trying to reverse that.

What did they do then? Send their recruits and event organizers from the previous day for G7 to loot, to intimidate, and to attack schools, businesses, and banks that bear Oromo name. They agitate nationalities in Burau to block the influx of Oromo into Finfinnee, the land of Gulale, Eekka, Galan, and Abbichu. This was a calculated provocation to create a precursor to what is to come. As they planned, after the welcoming ceremony ended, they sent their mercenaries to massacre innocent people in Burau to make it look like Qeerroo committed for revenge. Following that they came out in Finfinnee and chant disgusting and delusional chants.

They are having hard time to accept the new reality. The robust Oromo Activism, the robust Oromo Media presence, diverse Oromo Political Organizations that represent Oromo interests, and Oromo unity. In the presence of these actors, they can no longer lie, deceive, and continue their exploitation, economic and cultural domination. They hate to see strong Oromo representations.

They openly call for banning certain Oromo Activists, Oromo Media and Oromo Political Organizations so that they continue their lies and deceive. It is mind boggling what kind of peaceful and democratic new Ethiopia they envision.  Any talk of peace and democracy in the Horn of Africa let alone Ethiopia without full and strong participation of the Oromo people and the Oromo Liberation Front is like I have a bridge to sell you. Their  Egnaa kelelen ayibkel serddo mentality is driving the country and them into crises.

As Jowar Mohammed declared at the inauguration of Oromo Media Network in little Oromia, Minnesota, “Oromo airways are LIBERATED”. Media like ESAT openly declared war on the Oromo people, especially Qeerroo, the engine of Oromo power, Oromo Activism, and Oromo leaders. They doctored time and time again horrifying images and video clips from other countries and presented as if it is committed by Qeerroo against other nationalities. Now they are openly asking for banning of Oromo activists and Oromo Media. If there is a Media deserving of banning, it is ESAT, a media created to propagate hate and crime against the Oromo people, a media created to deceive and endanger the very people it claims to serve. One must laugh when an incompetent journalists in ESAT who lacks decency call for the banning of one of the crown joules of Media in Ethiopia, Oromo Media Network.  Whether they like it or not OMN is superior to ESAT in programs, inclusiveness, and organization, having smart people discuss issues not instigate hate. Yes, Jawar is a fire brand to my taste but deserves a tone of credit regardless of the process how he achieved it for creating and building a successful Media. Network. Because he didn’t today many other groups are trying to replicate that like Southern Media Network, Tigray Media Network, etc.

We must support and strengthen our Media Oromo!

To Oromo activists, Media, and political organization, dancing with the devil must stop and stop now. Wake up Jowar and OMN!

They want to take us back to the days when they control our airways and lie to us. Say No! You don’t have to agree with Jawar on everything but must defend his right to speak. That is democracy. I am glad they found their match in Jawar.

Oromia shall be free!


  1. Absolutely correct. We must unite and protect our gains and our political leaders, Activists, and Medias. No to drag ages!

  2. Agree, 100%. As the saying goes, “Dogs bark, but the caravans move on”. Let the Oromo continue doing its duty, i.e. bringing life and liberty to all, while the lowlife miserable loosers continue crying foul, because their horrible nightmare (the freedom of the Oromo & other people) will continue to haunt them for the rest of their dejected life. Their old Ethiopia has gone for good and not to come back for ever. One golden advice:
    “Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery”. Malcom X.
    Nuuf jiraadhaa.

  3. The Neftegna hooligans have gone to do what they do best by nature that is, lie, lie, and then lie some more with crocodile tears. Get the hell out of here. Americans are well aware of what they are, and any Senator they contact will be contacted by not only Oromo nationals but Americans particularly African Americans that they have been bad mouthing for too long in this country. The Neftegnas are pack of drama queens, a villain crying victim. Keep on crying wolf, one of these days no one will believe you. When Jawar was pealing the Wayane hyena off their backs, he was their hero, now that the Wayne has come down from their backs; they turn on the man who fought for them. This is like biting the hand that has fed them, and this is nothing new for those who know these people.
    Now, the United Oromo Evangelical Church and Mekane Yesus Church itself should write to specific Senators to reveal the truth of what these day shift hyenas are doing since they have to wash dish at night and attend parking lot. Nothing wrong with the job, but we are tired of them pretending they have US government in their pockets, to make us believe their lies. Their historical MO is, to keep Oromo people without leaders and so no one to speak for the Oromo. People have to watch out for the sellouts and left over MEASON make believe Oromo charlatans, like Solomon Ungashie aka rabid dog.

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