The Ethiopian Government Genocide on Sidama People continues unabated under the command post


The Ethiopian Government Genocide on Sidama People continues unabated under the command post

 By The Sidama Observor, 4 August 2019

Sidama peaceful celebration for regional state turned into a bloodshed by Ethiopian security forces. At least 53 civilians killed and many more  wounded. 

The Ethiopian police confirmed on 31 July 2019 that the federal defence and special police massacred 53 civilians excluding those whose bodies were not brought to the various hospitals in Sidama. One more person died of gunshot wounds in hospital on 1 August 2019 bringing the total number of victims confirmed by hospitals to 54.  Dozens killed by defence forces were buried in rural villages without their bodies being taken to hospitals. The casualty is therefore believed to be much higher than that confirmed by government.

The police also confirmed that 935 civilians mostly youth were arrested across Sidama following the July 18-20 massacre. Eye witnesses dispute these figures and put the number of arrests at over 2000 across Sidama. On 3 August 2019 nearly 500 youth prisoners in Yirgalem town alone were said to have been transferred Awaada college bext to Yirgalem hospital    according to some of their family members and eye witnesses.  The space in Yirgalem prison was overcrowded and could not accommodate the extra 500 ejjeetto.

The war on Sidama people

The demand to establish the Sidama regional state which was processed entirely peacefully and inline with the laws of the land fir obe year  was deliberately mismanaged by the federal government and its institutions with a close counsel of  third parties that reject the current constitution and multinational federalism. These forces colluded to subvert the Sidama demand in order to maintain the hegemony of a historically dominant ethnic group over the south. These forces took revenge on the Sidama people for everything that they believe  “went wrong” with  the multinational federalism in the past 28 years. The region that pioneered the multinational federalism proved to be too powerful to encroach and that anger appears to have been vented on Sidama,  the sacrificial lamb of multinational federalism in the powerless and clueless south.  The federal institutions appeared to be determined to preserve their utopian “little ethiopia” in the south for the gratification of the defenders of a unitary form of imperial state.

Sidama was treated as an enemy nation. After having ignored a lawful demand to form a region for one full year, the government unleashed two conflicting statements towards the end of the legal deadline to   conduct a referendum, one by the election board and the other by SEPDM.  When the Sidama people sought a clarification during the last two days before the deadline, defence forces were sent to block them from holding a meeting and committed genocide which continues unabated today. It was clear from the scale of atrocities and vengeance the genocide was premeditated.

The goal of the war on Sidama people is to dismantle the youth movement ejjeetto and ease pressure on government to uphold the rule of law.

The demand by the Sidama people to set up their own region was spearheaded primarily by the youth mass movement that number about 3 million. The youth emulated a heroic deeds of their forefathers  and named their movement ejjeetto,  heroes, that literally encapsulates the aspirations and spirit of the entire nation. This movement also emulated the movement of the Oromo youth, Qeerroo that paid a heavy price to usher in the relative freedom since April 2019 which appears to have been fully reversed  in one year. Qeerroo is Oromo, Faanno is Amhara, Zerma is Gurague and so is Ejjeetto inalienably Sidama. As one can never dismantle Oromo, Amhara, Gurage, Hadiya etc, one can never dismantle Sidama as a society. The ongoing genocide on Sidama by the current Ethiopian regime to  dismantle ejjeetto is a crime against humanity. It should be halted immediately. It is a historic miscalculation.

The Command post

Sidama is under a martial rule. Soldiers stsioned in command pists across all Sidama districts  are detaining, torturing and killing the Sidama youth in every district with impunity. Pictures of  tortured Sidama youth in detention is being reported on social media. This is a clear evidence that the much touted reform has been reversed before it even began. The transition to democracy has been fully averted and the ruling EPRDF is fully back into its old self, dictatorship. Genocide is being committed in Sidama.

The entirely lawful process to create a region does not call for a state of emergency to license extra judicial massacre. A government that kills its people is a failed state. The next move of a failed state is unpredictable. It could easily morph into a fascist state with dire consequences on the relatively  hard won gains  on self determination of nations. Solidarity of nations is therefore indispensable. If the Sidama genocide succeeds in defeating the multinational federalists today, tomorrow is your turn. Mark our words!



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