The Founding of the Somali Coalition for Freedom (SCF)


The Founding of the Somali Coalition for Freedom (SCF)

Press Release, August 19, 2018


(Ogaden News Agency) — Delegates from ONLF and SRDA met in London, UK from 17 to 18 August 2018, where they discussed and assessed the prevailing political, economic, and social conditions in Ethiopia generally, and in Ogaden specifically. The two organizations have agreed to establish a political coalition body.

The two organizations have had several meetings to discuss on how to mingle their efforts and establish farm cooperation between them in order to better protect the Somali peoples’ interests and advocate for their comprehensive rights, including the right to self-determination.

The establishment of The Founding Of The Somali Coalition for Freedom(SCF), will foster the favorable conditions that will bring an opportunity for Somali people in Ethiopia to co-create a political order that will practically allow for all to exercise genuine democratic rights including the right to self-determination;

SCF will have a Governing Council (GC) composed of representatives of the political leadership of the founding organizations and members representing the civil societies’ of the respective communities.
The Governing Council will elect an Executive Committee (EC), a chairperson and a vice- chairperson.

The Executive Committee will be the standing committee and will have the bureaus of diplomacy, organization, finance, information and others.

SCF calls on the Somali people in Ogaden to unite, to strengthen their resolve, and to continue the struggle for their rights.

SCF strongly condemns the killings of the Somali civilians and calls upon the international community and the Ethiopian government to hold the perpetrators accountable for war crimes and the crimes against humanity committed.

Finally, the SCF welcomes the call for negotiations from the new prime minister as a matter of principle; so that we may address the underlying causes of the longstanding conflict in Ogaden, in a neutral venue with the presence of credible and neutral third parties. As CSF, we stress our willingness to pursue the rights of the Somali people through peaceful means.

The Founding Of The Somali Coalition for Freedom(SCF)


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