The genocide in West and South Oromia is part of a ground work to steal election


The genocide in West and South Oromia is part of a ground work to steal election

By Moa Abagodu, January 8, 2020


Dr. Abiy’s war on Oromo/WBO is a ground work to steal election! The genocide that is going on in West and South Oromia in the darkness is part of this grand scheme. This is not about rule of the law. Otherwise he should have sent his mercenary army to Amara region where the regional government is carrying out genocide against Kimant and Agaw people!

The consensus in Ethiopia is that the election will take place as scheduled. What kind of election is the 100 million question. Will it be fair and free or a sham election as usual? One thing is clear. Dr. Abiy has said both in public and private discussions with (threatening) activists time and time again that he is determined to rule for the next 10 years, that amounts to two terms according to the current constitution of the country. It is possible that if he wins the first term, then rewrite the constitution and give himself more terms. He is going into election with the prematurely born (still born) Prosperity Party. This party is nothing but a DISASTER for him and does not look like it will manage to win a respectable minority seats if a free and fair election is to be held today. The opposition parties are forming coalition and posing a serious challenge to his rejected PP party (The OLF, OFC, and OPB formed coalition recently). So, where does this leave Dr. Abiy?

Dr. Abiy repeatedly mentions election is not even necessary and cites African country led by one man for 30 years or more.

He said if people die because of election, so be it the country will still continue after a blood shed like election 1997. In other words, he is willing to repeat election 1997 to win it all.

Dr. Abiy indirectly pushed to postpone the election and his allies in the West are warning against the election citing that it might lead to more problems than solving one and favor postponing the election by multiyear! The only problem is past this election his government will be illegitimate and states can declare their autonomy to go their way including Tigray region. Thus, the alternative to the election is even worse!
Ethiopia is a Federalist country by its very nature. The majority of Nations and Nationalities favor of decentralized self-rule and support a genuine federation except Dr. Abiy and his nafxanyaas, a super minority.

These leaves Dr. Abiy with one viable choice and that choice is bad for the country and bad for democracy. It will lead to bloodshed and collapse of the country that is already on the verge of collapse. His only choice to remain in power is to STEAL the election!

To do that he has to do ground work now. This ground work has started a week ago. His first target is to try to eliminate the Oromo Liberation Army, the OLA, that can pose a serious threat if he is to steal the election. If, big if, he succeeds in this campaign, the next step is to delegitimize the OLF with no consequences. Then the election is his!

The genocide that is going on in West and South Oromia in the darkness is part of this grand scheme.

The reason that the OLF is allowed to open offices and organize is temporarily to give cover to the genocide. Once they succeed to limit WBO, they can close these offices overnight.
Therefore, the Oromo people better wake up and force the regime to stop this genocide against the Oromo people before it is too late!

My 0.02 cents.

Kunis wallaggaadha.
Ammajjii 8/2020
Garuu uummatni wallaggaa har’aa rakkina cimaa keessaa jira.
Rakkinnii har’aa uummatni wallaggaa rakkachuu jiru kun uummata oromoo hundaaf biiftuu bilisummaadha.
#Abiyyii fi paartii isaa #bilxiginnaa garuu ትልቅ ወጋ የስ ከፍለቸዋል gatii cimaa isaa kaffaalchisaa.



  1. Dr. Moa,
    You have a valued arguement. Dr. Abiy does not want any election. He has said so many times. Remember when he said, those daydreamers are dreaming in-vain. How can they win in three months? ” enazih kizatamoch min yikazalu? be sosit wari liyashanifu?” Only few people heard this. He has alredy declared through election board that there is no election in areas where there is command post, This eliminates 60% of election. We have to demand , so that command post is lifted. Prisoners released, offices opened without any precondition, universities reopened, army sent back to its barracks, campaign resources released to opposition parties in the same magnittude of PP . Saudi election contractor has to go home. We know what they did in Kenya,


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