The On-Going Massacre of Oromo Civilians Is Deplorable That Never Brings Solution for Ethiopia; Hence It Must Be Immediately Stopped!


The On-Going Massacre of Oromo Civilians Is Deplorable That Never Brings Solution for Ethiopia; Hence It Must Be Immediately Stopped!

PAFD Press Statement

January 02, 2019

One of the Ogaden PAFD Political Stand Civiliansfounding member liberation organisations; the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) on its December 26, 2018 press Statement has expressed its grave concern about the on-going violence initiated by the incumbent EPRDF in West and South Oromia’s regional state; predominately in Wolaga and Guji zones. From the theme of the press statement and reports of various media outlets; it has come to our attention that, indeed the Ethiopian government waged full scale war on the indicated zones of Oromia on Oromo civilians under pretext of fighting the OLF’s army on whom the government has already put the blame for sporadic skirmishes observed in the areas of the region affected. Regrettably, once again, the indicated attack of the Oromo civilians by EPRDF’s national army has claimed the lives of at least 36 Oromo civilians involving children and an elderly whose houses were burned to ashes whilst the victims were inside.

In particular, the burning of civilian houses whilst two children under 5 years old with their parents in Guji Zone, Dugda-Dawa districts and one baby and a mother in West Wolaga zone between Gimbii and Gulisso districts were inside- tells the tale of Stone age barbarism in the 21st century; the action that stands in stark contradiction with the vows of the EPRDF’s top leadership including the PM of the country to end such brutality to an unarmed civilians. Furthermore, the Ethiopian EPRDF’s new leadership has promised to make such unwarranted massacre of civilians a history; and he has further claimed that doing so is backward and uncivilized needing fundamental change by totally dismantling brutalizing apparatuses being deployed in the past 27 years of state of terrorism. The new PM has also officially confessed that EPRDF has terrorized the peoples of the country during its entire tenure and promised to end such governmental malpractices.

It is imperative that, the new leadership has come to power as a result of death and sacrifices of tens of thousands of Oromo people predominately and the rest peoples of Ethiopia in general. Therefore, the current leadership officially vowed to introduce fundamental reform that involves all stakeholders for democracy and rule of law in the country to be able to be a norm. This is why the OLF and EPRDF agreed to end violence and move to a peaceful political dialogue to bring about lasting solution for lingering ill of the country. Sadly, diametrically opposing to the modalities of the agreements that have been in the process of negotiations via joint committee of 6 delegates, 3 from each party; the EPRDF has ignored it all together and engaged in a full scale war with Oromo nation once again. As a result, our member OLF is extremely disappointed when the agreements were broken and the EPRDF as usual has returned to its usual business of intimidation, vilification and imprisonment of the OLF members for carrying its flags, in addition to showing the sing of full scale war and brutalizing of unarmed Oromo civilians in the manner it used to in the past 27 years.

We have also recently witnessed that, the Ethiopia’s new government has officially resumed and intensified the killing, kidnapping and mass arresting of the Oromo people in various parts of the country in addition to the indicated. On January 01, 2019, about seven or more Oromo lecturers of the Rift Valley University have been abducted by the soldiers of the Ethiopian EPRDF’s government and their whereabouts remain. We strongly believe that this is extremely unsettling precedent that must be immediately stopped for the rule of law to be supreme in Ethiopia. We urge the Ethiopian government to stick to its promises and agreements with the OLF and with the rest of political parties to be able to look into political dialogue than returning to an old style intimidation and unwarranted execution of unarmed civilians. As the new Ethiopian PM has repeatedly reiterated that, war benefits no one in Ethiopia by further stressing the fact that, we can’t win each other as we all share the same historical background; we all are advised to adopt a civilized political dialogue by accommodating all diverging ideas and opinions.

Therefore, we strongly advise the Ethiopian government to immediately stop its war on Oromo civilians- instead fully resorting to a peaceful political dialogue as per the agreement reached between both OLF and EPRDF before OLF has been officially allowed to enter into the country with such trust and confidence in mind. We also strongly believe that our member OLF adheres to the indicated agreements and wishes of all peoples in Ethiopia for peaceful dialogue and political negotiations. The Ethiopian EPRDF’s government therefore shouldn’t be violating the indicated modalities entered between the OLF, various political organisations and itself that potentially paves a way for a peaceful political dialogue the only way forward for the future of over 110 million populated Ethiopia. Besides, if the EPRDF’s government stubbornly decides to continue with its practices of 27 years by ditching hundreds of promises its leadership has vowed to implement; we are afraid that the future of Ethiopia will be bleak. Therefore, the key is at the hands of the EPRDF’s leadership to stop potential bloodshed in foreseeable future in Oromia and wider Ethiopia. We strongly advice the Ethiopia’s government that, army and power can’t sustain any government of the world, thus leaving madness behind to exercise civility in the 21st century is crucially important.

Justice, Freedom and Equality for all Peoples in Ethiopia

Peoples’ Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD)

January 02, 2019


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