The Oromo tsunami finally hit Finfinnee as Aboy Sibhat surrenders in the North

The Oromo tsunami finally hit Finfinnee as Aboy Sibhat surrenders in the North

By Abbaa Ormaa, September 16, 2018

Dawud Ibsa meets his mother first time in 40 years

Individuals and governments will change, only our creator and truth are immortals.

In the struggle between truth and falsehood, love and hate, freedom and slavery, equality and mastership, in the end the victor is truth, love, equality, and freedom. This is the law of the creator. No nations, individuals, organizations, or governments can alter this law.

Dawud Ibsa Ayana,
Chairman of the Oromo Liberation Front,
Finfinnee, September 15, 2018.

Dawud Ibsa’s speech was inclusive, conciliatory and forward looking that matched the occasion and the time!

On September 15, 2018 millions of Oromo, some estimates as many as 8 million, descended on Finfinnee from five directions to welcome the leaders of the Oromo Liberation Front led by Dawud Ibsa Ayana. Oromo of all creeds came from every corner of Oromia, literally from every inch of Oromia, some traveling hundreds of miles on foot to commemorate a historic day in the history of Oromo National Struggle for freedom at the heart of Oromia. September 15, 2018 will be celebrated by generations of Oromo to come as EMANCIPATION day. The event was very well organized and filled with love and unity.  It was a show of force for the Oromo Liberation Front and a show of unity in purpose for the Oromo people to reclaim their country and rights. Putting number will not do justice. It was an Oromo tsunami that hit Finfinnee.

At personal level, who forgets the image of Dawud Ibsa meeting his mother and reaching out his left hand to feel his mother’s chin? I cried like millions of Oromo when I watched that.

Obbo Dawud was magnanimous to friends and foes even in time of triumphant. His speech was inclusive, conciliatory, and forward looking. It was a masterful speech that matched the magnitude of the occasion.  It was an honest speech given from the heart of a genuine person aware of the history, sacrifices, and the challenges ahead. I recommend all Oromo to listen to his speech at least one more time. He used this magnificent gathering to remind us the sacrifices generations of Oromo that paved the way for this day to come. I am proud to call him my leader. I wish to see his speech translated to Amharic, English and made available for all to read. It is one for the history book by itself.

I must emphasize here that the same can be said about all the leaders of the OLF. Dawud is a manifestation of the determination, wisdom, and sacrifices of all of them. He derived his strength and wisdom from all of them! We are glad they are on our team! They made us proud and one again.

As the tsunami was hitting Finfinnee from all directions, Aboy Sibhat Naga, once believed to be the king maker of TPLF,  was waving white flag (even better OLF flag) in surrender to Oromo Liberation Army that was passing through Tigray from training base in Eritrea after their deployment to Oromia was delayed because of the agreement reached. What is significant here is Sibhat Naga (aka Aboy Sibhat), once king maker of TPLF, is sitting visibly in the crowd and waving the flag of OLF as the new graduates of Oromo army are dancing to their favorite Oromo music. The symbolism is not any less important than what happened in Finfinnee. Personally, I was elated to see that.  It is to be remembered that the same people declared time and time again that they eliminated the OLF. They should now disclose the where about of thousands of Oromo disappeared in the hands of TPLF including OLF leaders like Nadhi Gamada and open Shire prison and allow journalists to visit.

Because of what happened on September 15, 2018, the politics of the empire has changed and the wheels of change are turning even faster and justice is coming to the oppressed nations and nationalities in the old empire.

This is a momentous day for our people but it does not mean the work is complete. We just built the terraces to the Promised Land, we are yet to reach the mountain.

I look forward to seeing the Oromo Liberation Front music band tour of Oromia and the world so that we share our joy with them and also say thank you FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE FOR OUR PEOPLE.  Without WBO none of this would have been possible.

Oromia shall be free!

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