Tools to Liberate from Amharic Language in Oromia: Suggestion To-Do

Tools to Liberate from Amharic Language in Oromia: Suggestion To-Do

ANF, August 27, 2019

There is no single advantage out of Amharic language for Oromo in Oromia.

The Amharic language is a tool for Amhara ethnic group to colonize Oromo in Ethiopia. Oromo are sick of exploitive Amhara, especially in Finfinnee. Finfinnee is the capital city of Oromo in Oromia. Oromo’s mother tongue is Afaan Oromo. In Ethiopia, the legal constitution also permits to use mother tongue language in their specific region.

The Amharic language deceptively argued for an employment opportunity as if it was to help Oromo. In Oromia, Amhara has no financing sources to employ even themselves in the federal jobs, or Amhara people have no legal mandate to exercise such hiring practices in Oromia.

In practice, as media referred in August 2019, for example, the Federal Minister of Education excluded Oromo from equitable hiring and committed fraud in the grade 12 national exams in favor of Amhara region at afar.

Finfinnee and Federal Government office in Ethiopia secure funding from two majors: 1) Oromia, and 2) abroad financing sources. Oromo is financing Finfinnee but, oddly, Amhara denied Oromo in the federal jobs because of the Amharic language.

The second financing is being diverted to hire Amhara but excluded Oromo in Finfinnee because of the Amharic language. Oromia is though one of the sources to pay back the external funding, while the Amhara enjoys the federal employment opportunity. Oromo should not be forced to learn the Amharic language to get employed in Oromia but, they must be able to access the federal jobs with Afaan Oromo in their Finfinnee and Oromia region.

If there is a legal constitution which denies using a regional language at a specific region, it is irrationally denying of services for that specific region. For example, in Finfinnee, not to use Afaan Oromo in the federal jobs means denying of services for Oromo in Oromia.

The problem of Amharic language aggravated because the Oromia government gives funding for Amhara in Finfinnee.  Various states, including Oromia, Amhara, Tigray, SNNPR, Ogden, and Afar are hardly getting from the external financing.

The three possible acting causes are

  1. directive from Prime Minister Office,
  2. submissiveness of Oromia government to such directive or unaccountability of Oromia government for Oromo, and
  3. inconsistency of Oromo to liberate themselves from the settler’s Amharic language.

Suggestion to-do lists for Qeerroo and Qarree at each city, town and village across Oromia

Stage 1:

1.A. Ask Offices by letter: governments and non-government institutions, Organizations, Schools, Universities, Banks, Transport Bureau, Airlines and so on in Oromia to use Afaan Oromo within a few weeks, and

1.B. Ask ODP by letter to implement the use of Afaan Oromo across governments and non-governments in Oromia within a few weeks


  • Oromia must use Afaan Oromo and, other working languages can co-exist in the federal offices’ case.
  • Oromia regional offices must use only Afaan Oromo with the possibility of including the English Language.

If stage 1 is successful, stop here. If not, proceed to stage 2.

Stage 2:

2.A. For unaccountability reason to Oromo, ask to resign ODP officials who fail to uphold constitutionally granted to use Afaan Oromo in Oromia including in the federal offices, then

2.B. Ask ODP verbally to implement the use of Afaan Oromo across governments and non-governments in Oromia within a few weeks.

If stage 2 is successful, stop here. If not, proceed to stage 3

Stage 3:

3.A. Walk into federal offices as well as Oromia regional offices to implement the use of Afaan Oromo in your Oromia region

Suggestion to-do lists for ODP

  1. C.  ODP and Oromia Regional Offices are advisable to meet urgently, and issue letters to all federal offices and Oromia regional offices to implement Afaan Oromo and uphold services in Afaan Oromo across Oromia. You have a responsibility in Oromia to serve Oromo as granted by the constitution and also accountability to Oromo by-election.
  2. C. Few tools are letters, issue licenses for business, demotion of unaccountable officials, closure of businesses which fail to abide by the law, enforcement of constitutional rights to use the Afaan Oromo in Oromia
  3. C. Vote to allocate more budgets that strengthens various regions for human resources and capital projects, but vote hardly to allocate budgets in Finfinnee for the federal human resources. Finfinnee is more developed but regions are marginalized across the country.

Suggestion on Language for Prime Minister Office, Dr Abiy Ahmed’s:

  1. D. Enforce constitutional rights of all people to use their mother tongue, including in the federal offices and regional offices at their specific region.
  2. D. Your office has no single reason to exclude Afaan Oromo from Federal Offices in Oromia including in Finfinnee.
  3. D. Federal offices must use Afaan Oromo to serve in Oromia.
  4. D. Your excellence office needs to continue to uphold the rule of law.
  5. D. Federal hardly intervene in the mandates, priorities, responsibilities, and actions of each region with respect to language
  6. D. The law enforcement offices independently and accountably prosecute any crime including whether Minister of Education committed a fraud of national exams

Disclaim: The above points, each and every contents of the whole are solely the opinion of an individual who wrote this and signified below. It doesn’t represent any other entity at all except a single individual.

ANF, August 27, 2019

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