Why is Lemma Megersa panicking and throwing tantrum?


Why is Lemma Megersa panicking and throwing tantrum?

By Abbaa Ormaa, July 15, 2018

With no suspense the answer is clear and simple Dawud Ibsa and the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). The hard truth for Lemma and many is the fact that OLF is encrypted in every Oromo DNA!

Regardless of Lemma’s insecurity, Dr. Abiy must rise above party politics in negotiation with Dawud Ibsa and the Oromo Liberation Front! Strive to create a country by the peoples for the peoples.

It is a great day for peace in the Horn of Africa that the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) declared unilateral cease fire to give peace a chance. However Lemma Megersa does not seem to be happy. He is plotting to torpedo any possible negotiation. It is now up to Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed to rise above party politics and follow through and negotiate in good faith. OLF has once again demonstrated that for OLF war is the last resort.

Dr. Abiy must reciprocate OLF’s gesture to build trust. For example, releasing all political prisoners jailed in the name of supporting or being member of the Oromo Liberation Front including people like Nedhi Gemeda can go far. There is no reason for these people to still be in jail.

Dr. Abiy must choose peace over party and clamp down on the Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO) and Lemma Megersa from instigating further conflicts and spreading false propaganda it is waging against the OLF in recent days out of desperation. Lemma Megersa is using the same dirty tricks Meles used for many years to alienate oppositions especially the Oromo Liberation Front. It did not work then and it will not work now.

As one travels in cities and towns across Oromia, one witnesses an overwhelming support for the Oromo Liberation Front and its leader Dawud Ibsa. People in small villages and towns are raising the Oromo Liberation Front flags, opening offices and expressing their choice. May be that is what is behind Lemma Megersa’s recent tirade in the Oromia parliament. To try to deny the Oromo people and Qeerroo the choice they earned in their blood and bones and try to take credit is dangerous to say the least. How can you jail more than 40,000 Qeerroo (to release 40,000, you must have jailed at least that many) and claim that they are with you?

Lemma is more concerned with the fate of his OPDO in the presence of OLF than the choice and future of the Oromo people. As a leader of the Oromia regional state Lemma Megersa failed the people and his party. Under his watch more than one million Oromos are displaced from their homes and thousands are killed by Somali Liyyu police in partner with Wayane generals and counting. The massacres at Irreechaa, Chelenko, and Moyale happened on Lemma’s watch and nothing happened to the perpetrators. Now that the OLF is ready to negotiate in good faith he is panicking and throwing tantrum and unravelling for all to see.

Dr. Abiy’s responsibility is bringing peace to all the peoples of Ethiopia and he should pursue any avenue that brings peace to the region and to the peoples of Ethiopia. There is nothing more urgent and central to the peace of the region than addressing the Oromo quest for justice and equality.

An individual can inspire a generation and a country for change but one thing we have learned from the down fall of the TPLF is how bone headed it was for them to worship one person in Meles. Not to be victim of the same, there must be an all-inclusive transitional government and process in place to carry out these changes to replace the old empire with a country by the peoples for the peoples.

The Oromo Liberation Front is a grand organization with a long history. It is in every Oromo DNA. It is an organization founded by leaders who sacrificed everything for the freedom and justice of their people. It is founded by leaders the likes of those who stood together and died together when a Somali bandit intercepted and ordered them to separate the Muslims and non-Muslims to spare the Muslims and kill the non-Muslims. The good comrades refused and all ten of them died together. Dawud Ibsa is the sole survivor of a group of OLF leaders poisoned by a paid brother of one of the comrades by the Derg. Today Lemma is trying to poison the Oromo struggle.  The Oromo people must rise up against desperate Lemma and his OPDO.

Dr. Abiy should know that the opportunity he has now is in large part created by the Qeerroo and the Oromo people’s sacrifices. Over whelming majority of Oromos are expressing their support for the Oromo Liberation Front in cities and towns across Oromia. Qeerroo is saying OLF (and Dawud Ibsa) is our father. If there is any doubt about that, check with Meles who analyzed Oromo DNA and concluded that every Oromo is OLF. To try to read otherwise is business as usual and will not work.   Dr. Abiy must tell the hard truth to his supporters and take the Oromo quest for freedom and justice head on. There is no short cut to greatness!


Oromia shall be free!


  1. Stop that evils friend, there is no prof that Somalis group separated oromos between muslims and none muslims, and killed none oromo muslims, that is fake news. I read also that trash from Wikipedia, you know Wikipedia is anti Somali website. they spreading propaganda against Somalis. Do you have other source? Except Wikipedia’s trashes? What is wrong with oromos?

  2. I also agree with you, OPDO is a evil organisation, its a very very dangerious organisation, they do nothing but only cause conflict between brotherly poeples Somalis and oromo.I have proof OPDO was made only against Oromo and Somalis alongside Abdi iley, nothing more. OPDO are the ones who invade Somali kilil and caused lot of terrebles and killed lot of Somalis. OPDO are only there for cause destruction for somalis and Oromos,
    and made by evil zenawi for that.
    The group not even 100% oromo, they are mostly amhara and so many Habesha oromo mixed, not much of them are pure oromo, this organisation called OPDO are Habeshas, but not oromo, I swear, even most of oromia governors and mayors are Habeshas OPDO, specially Oromia cities border with Somali kilil, all are Habeshas mayors,we know all that, there will be one day that Oromo people put OPDO in to the trash pin and bring justice against OPDO Habeshas.

  3. MR you can run but cannot hide from the truth and also read carefully. Our leaders refused to separate and they all killed together by the Somali bandits. Part of History. My advice for you and others is DON’T BET AGAINST THE OROMO.


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