Agew Liberation Front is preparing to liberate Agew Midir

About negotiation, from Agew’s liberation front.

Agew Liberation Front has been negotiating about the current issues of the Agew liberals for 30 years not beneficial to the country. It is known that the Agew people have been asking the constitutional question for 3 years but it is not accepted by region 3 people of Agew. But the people of Agew have announced this statement of Agew by equalizing the political crisis that came today on both sides. Even though the head of Agew liberator is not fully called, the decision of the Wag Lasta ruler state 3 has been made to the Agew regional state to complete the decision of the Agew State. If he does this, our decision to negotiate can be made. In the stand of Agew, 2 main zones which means Agew and Lasta Agew have been arrested in the general land of Agew. This is not only the interest of Agew especially in Bahirdar and Gojjjam Agew, it is the warranty of Agew liberation and negotiation points.

1 The first point to understand the regional state (Agew national regional state) to make the state 3 emergency form the federal government!!

The point of negotiation to accept the life and property that has been resolved in the war of 2 in 2013 to 2013

In the country’s 3 political strategy and policy of all parts of the country to stop shooting by the federal government!!

4 as a new election board decision has been made and all the country’s politicians should be released to negotiate and the coming situation of the country as a new election.

Victory to the great people of Agew
Victory to the liberator of Agew
Lalibela Agew.

St. Lalibela’s identity of the christian Agew is fully controlled by the good people of Agew. The people of Agew who have longed for freedom for years we have fought today so the people of Agew will continue the second struggle. Today we took our identity of living not anyone’s land or need.
Agew Agew
Agew lalibela city

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  1. I’m Agew and you need to take your propaganda and non writing ass back to where you came from. You do not represent Agew people because the Agew people never elected you to speak for them. WESHELA!
    Don’t let me catch you on the streets spreading lies and ignorance!

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